Upgrade from Fidelio X2

From what I’ve read the X2’s seem to be pretty good and I would need to spend a decent amount more to get something not a sidegrade (?) So I don’t really know what to do next, I like the bass on them which led me to Hifiman Sundara’s, but I also want less of a V curve which would be the HD 600/650, then I would need an dac/amp adding probably another £200. Thanks in advance.

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What kind of bass do you like? Deep sub rumble or detailed notes?

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Hmm, idm either but probably detail

Sundaras could be good for ya with the right amp, like the asgard3, not a whole lot of deep bass but very detailed.

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In that regard you could also toss the DT 880s in there

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I have the same problem and i am just waiting for the X3. The AKG K712 pro and the Tygr 300r are more like a sidegrade with less bass. The Dt 880 will be probably to bass light. So i guess waiting for the X3 is the best option right now.

Eh? Better soundstage, better imaging, tighter controlled bass thats not muddy unlike the loose fidelio x2hr, better comfort, build quality is great, lighter weight. Side grade? Different tuning as fidelio x2hr is more of a V while tygrs is a bit of an L honestly. I wouldn’t say so they are similar but fit into seperate preferences to me its an upgrade.

It is indeed as the bass can be called more Natural sounding you can bring up the low end through a tube amp but if bassy headphones are your think dt 880 is not the way to go.

Should technically be out in other areas next month I would think? I seen confirmation that it released in china about 2 weeks ago. I just ordered the SHP9600 from aliexpress just last night even and it says I am expecting shipping next month. If your looking for that heavy bass headphone. Perhaps look into the Argons or Fostex TR-00 from massdrop, discontinued but you can find them purple heart has the most bass, as they are very bassy and have a great low end

I’ve listed tue differences between the X2 and the tygr in the Tygr forum today. I agree with you that the tygr has tighter bass, better comfort and much better imaging. I think that the X2 has the bigger soundstage. Both have great build quality, but the fix cable on the tygr is a big con for me. Overall, i don’t think that you need owning both of them. They have some differences in sound, but this differences aren’t so big that i would see a clear winner here. I prefer the tygr for gaming, but will still use the x2 for movies and music.

Any thoughts on what the Shp9600 can change in terms of sound?

I don’t know if it will be better or worse, but the “shp” series has two things I love.

1- The price. They look for the minimum price.

2- It has an adjustable headset. That way you can tighten its strength. This seems a bit silly but I have the Fidelio X2 and they are quite loose because they don’t have to be tightened nor do they have big pads. Its sound changes when I manually press the drivers a little bit to my head. It becomes full-bodied, detailed… in short.

I think that these shp9600 can be better than the x2hr. Phillips got the x3 as well.

I prefer the 9500 to the x2hr. Better clarity, better imaging, and with the right pads better bass response. If the 9500 had the x2’s build and thicker memory foam pads, it could’ve easily sold for $300.

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Headclamp to offer a better head seal, as if you have a smaller had it may be an issue, potentially thicker padding, little more bass as it can be described as kind of boring as far as the shp9500 was concerned. Theres been multiple people mention the version from china does indeed have more clamp and more bass.

new version looks to be $120, I paid a little over $100 for mine after discounts. Will get the shp9600 next month.

I think it definitely has the potential and the x2hr had issues with the bassy being muddle. If they can resolve the issues of the previous headphones I am all for it. Though in terms of the x3 its looking to be quite a bit more expensive than x2hr at $385 usd which is much higher.

Now they can only be purchased from AliExpress.

The good thing is that you can buy them from their official store.

And you save 30-40 euros compared to the units they put on Amazon.

I haven’t seen the x3 on aliexpress or for sale yet but yeah seems the only place to get them is on aliexpress right now

I think the X2HR originally retailed for over $300, but was quickly discounted. Think I got mine for $90 during holiday sales.


Perhaps the x3 will get discounted quickly too? Curious on that one. I got my x2hr for like i think it was $87 actually so yeah close to what you got yours for. It sounds great though for that price

Yeah I grabbed a set for $99… Black Friday deal if I recall. Review on DIY-audioheaven talks about how if you get a pair with matched drivers… (he had three attempts before getting one!)… FR at least is excellent. A lot of reviewers say really different things on that score. I suspect the unit variation was huge on those cans.

Actually was not aware of the driver issue on these. Pretty sure I got a good pair then thankfully.

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I will give my comparison between the SHP9600 and the Fidelio X2HR.
I’m not going to say it’s better or anything else, if you want more details talk to me privately. I am doing this because I have proven that sound issues are very much influenced by personal perception.

I show the images here to give you an idea of the size. The earmuffs are bigger in the SHP9600.
As far as construction is concerned, I notice them a little bit worse than the x2hr. They are not bad but a little bit weaker than the x2hr. The cable on the SHP9600 doesn’t have that textile feel of the X2HR.
Comfort issue I have liked equally, they are comfortable. Maybe I get a little more tired of the X2HR because it weighs more.

In sound, the most important thing. I’m not going to tell you anything here. If you want I can tell you in private but I don’t want to influence you in the purchase.
I’ll just say one thing, they both have 32 ohms and sensitivities of 100-102 dB.
I still think that by connecting it to a mobile phone, a laptop doesn’t give you 30% of its potential. Keep that in mind.