Upgrade from “gaming” headphones

Stumbled upon a video that sent me down a rabbit hole that has led me here two weeks later. I’ve wanted to buy a headset exclusively for gaming as I usually only ever wear headphones when playing games and landed upon Zeos video where he says that the ad2000x has the best imaging after a pad swap. I was wondering if the headphones are worth $650 as they seem to be very elusive or is my money better spent on something newer?

What are you using currently?

it’d be interesting to see what you have in terms of headphones, dac/amp,…
Then see what yotu wanna use them for. Gaming? Music? Film? All three?
What do you expect from them? Tons of bass? Sharp ear-piercing treble?

I also only recently stumbled into this shit after living with a pair of ‘omg $80 headphones are the be al and end all’ headphones for 7 years :stuck_out_tongue:

I am using the Razer Mari ultimate headset

I’ve been super into escape from tarkov and feel like my current headset (razer nari ultimate) doesn’t do me justice in terms of imaging and soundstage. I’m looking for a headset that does just that in terms of music and films I was thinking about getting other headphones that do them better depending on what I am listening as I’m learning more about HiFi. Right now my main focus is finding a headphone to meet my competitive gaming need

Is there any preference for open or closed back?
In my humble opinion open back for shooters is just amazing and it’s easier to find wider soundstages

do keep in mind, They are currently working on the sound engine for Tarkov at the moment so things such as verticality and proper placements just isn’t happening. However, it is one of the absolute most demanding FPS on the market… you will need something that’s extremely accurate with a very large soundstage to get the most from it.

Tarkov maxes out any and all of the headsets in terms of soundstage and imaging. The best bet is from PC38x but even this one is going to struggle… your welcome to grab the 38x but it could have some potential issues just a forewarning… I suggest you get an amp and headphone respectively

if you hear the word “best” this is always subjective… ad2000x does have superb imaging yes but there is alternatives… you don’t need to go spending that much money on a headphone for gaming…

thank you for the suggestion but I don’t need a mic build into the headphones as I use a stand alone mic. In terms of amp/dac I was looking at the Schiit Heresy and Modi. do you have any suggestion on what headphones to use beside the PC38x?

Pc38x is seriously good at what it does. I removed the mic on mine. It’s great. I still don’t use it all the time, but it’s staying in my collection for life. It pretty much does shooters and only shooters, but it does it incredibly well. If sennheiser was capable of pulling their heads out of their asses, they could probably make an incredible gaming only pair of headphones. They just need to lose the mic. Though it flips up out of the way. If you don’t want that, the next step up…or sideways is gonna be expensive and probably want an amp so take that into consideration.

Pretty much ^

Bit preoccupied today. Check my write up on the forum here in competitive gaming. It’s a bit outdated but still has most of what’s good. Exclude the headsets and hd599

Dunno if this is good advice but I’ve loved the positional information I get from my Sundara’s in CSGO

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