Upgrade from Hd560s?

I find myself in an interesting dilemma. In sound, due to my years of experience in this business, every time I realize that spending 200 euros more or 300 euros more is not synonymous with improvement. Generally, the extra expenses on headphones go 60% to materials, 20% to sound in terms of technicalities and/or clarity, and 20% that is perceived as a placebo.

Having said that, I have a question. Considering that I want to improve my HD560s (an underrated over ear) in terms of soundstage, better cleanliness in all frequencies and a better image… to listen to ambient, classical, chill out dance, vocal music and pop from the 80s-90s Should I spend €150 for a hifiman 400se, €350 for a hifiman sundara or look for the hifiman edition xs for €500? I have also seen the Sivga Phoenix, the Hd660s or even some rarer option but I don’t know if I will find an improvement with those models.

I’d say look at some of the Hifiman stuff, Ananda, Sundara, Edition XS, HE560. If you want to stick with Senns, the 660s would be another. Also, if you can find a good deal used, the Elex with some pad swapping can be a very very good headphone for the money IMO.

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Do you already have a decent amp, because that would otherwise work against most hifiman HP

Otherwise relevant for your music could be something like a used ad 1000x or 2000x maybe?

Sundara, ATH-R70x.
Using an amp?

I have dac, a powerful dac dongle and a desktop one but with the hd560s I have been using a high end mobile from 2020 and a laptop and it is more than enough. At half power they sound fine.

An edition Xs is much better than Sundara?