Upgrade from ifi zen dac

Hello, I am asking for help becuase I cannot find an upgrade that would suit me preferences, warm. At the moment i have, ifi zen dac, ta-26, meze 109 pro, hd660s. As far as my research goes and searching here also couldnt find somthing clear. I would like to upgrade the dac and if it is not a combo then also an amp.

The option i found was aune x8 2022 with BB op amp, unfortunately asgard 3 is out of stock, maybe singxer sa-1? Thanks for any suggestions!

Edit: Is it even worth upgrading the dac? I think i enjoy the 109 pro becuase of the warm dac taming the sibalance.

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Not sure about the DAC choice, but if you are looking at both the Asgard 3 and Singxer sa-1, then why not also check out the Jotunheim 2? Granted I am not sure what your vendor options are where you are located. Since you already have a tube amp I would assume that you wouldn’t be interested in the Lyr (although I have heard good things about the latest revision). From experience though, the Asgard 3 does sound good with the HD660s (DAC pairings I have used: Modi, Topping D50s, SMSL SU-9). So if you want to hold out for that then it wouldn’t be a bad option. If you want to stick with the Schiit Audio gear then you could always pair it with the Modi Multibit 2, but I would ask around the forums first to see how that pairing fairs. A lot of things in this hobby are trial an error until you get the right pairing to suit your tastes. Good luck in your audio journey.

Thanks, but the jot2 is also out of stock:(

Update for those that may be looking at this for the same reasons. I am planning on going with the allo revolution dac because of its customizable tuning, as for amp the schiit asgard 3 is the best in this regard. The rebelamp is also a solid choice but marginally more expensive.

Edit: I heard good things about the singxer sa-1 and comparisons against the asgard 3. Will be considering this too.