Upgrade from ifi zen v2 dac

hey all getting rid of the zen dac looking for a upgrade but want to stay around the $200 range i have the schiit magnius as my amp, any suggestions, trying to find xlr inputs (and maybe BT but i dont think that exists) to pair with, only could find the modius

Can you really do better that Ifi Zen dac at your below $200?
You could go for a Shiit stack but that will lost around $240.

Yea i was just looking around someone said that its not worth getting rid of a $200 equipment to get another $200 piece and the only thing i can find was a geshelli lab

You could always look at a Fiio K7

The Magnius/Modius is a really nice pairing…I had the zen dac v2 (sold it on here) and moved on to the Asgard3/Modius stack…I personally like it better than the Burr Brown chip that is in the v2…If you don’t have a problem buying used, you can usually find a modius for around $150-$160…They show up on the classified section of Head-Fi a good amount…I don’t think you would be disappointed pairing it with the Magnius.