Upgrade from KSC75

Hi all,

I am thinking of getting a headphone upgrade somewhere soon. I’m having a hard time deciding since I can’t really try stuff out in stores. I think the headphones I enjoy most at the moment are the KSC75s or the Porta Pros, so I was wondering if people can make suggestions for headphones like the KSC75s but better (more detail I guess?) for under $200.
Headphones & IEMs I have/had ordered by how I like them:

  • KSC75 & Porta Pro
  • Fiio FA1 & Tin hifi T2
  • CM MH752
  • Moondrop Starfield
  • KPH30i

I was looking at the DT880 pro (250Ohm) and Grado SR60e/SR80e.
I have a Fiio E10K and I’m probably not getting a new amp anytime soon.
I was looking at closed headphones before, but this is not necessary anymore since I’ll be moving to a new house where I won’t work in the same room as my girlfriend who is always on the phone for work.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Someone is offering a Beyerdynamic DT 880 Special Edition Chrome 250 Ohm for eur 120 (before negotiating), I’m tempted to buy them. Would this be a good deal?

From a pure value standpoint that’s about how much the 250 ohm 880 is worth but that is the chrome limited edition so I guess. Honestly I would personally save some more cash and get a nicer amp as well as a 880 600ohm instead. Cause from my experience with the e10k and 250 ohm Beyers it’s pretty much a pit of mediocrity

Hmm, I offered 100. Considering that the headphones are cheaper than I was expecting to spend, I may end up buying an amp soon after all. I could get something like a topping A30 and use the E10K as a dac. Or maybe wait until the Liquid Spark is back in stock, though it has been months already.
Or maybe a Zen DAC?

A pure amp may be better value cause you can still run the e10k as a dac. I would wait for the schiit amps or LS to get back in stock or wait for the L30 review

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i have both Grados and upgraded for this very reason from the KSC and KPH30i’s

I still plan on getting a pair at some point. Do you prefer the sr80e much over the sr60e?

Ok you will get varying opinions but in mine the highs are more there I. The 60’s and the bass is more there in the 80’s, kinda like looking at two teeter totters from the side with one side down and one side up, but that’s with back and forth comparisons, had the 80’s first, just wanted to know side by side. Keeping both, just depends what you want more of

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Sr60e sounds more like my thing then. Goes straight to my “check-used-market” and birthday wish lists. Lovely pads BTW, are they YAXI pads?

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These are from Earzonk, ill link below, i wanted on ear, light for use with my BTR 5 for like wireless tv listening if i wanted to chill in the recliner. Having a huge visual interface for Amazon, Youtube and Tidal etc…great companion headphone


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Apparently the Liquid Spark could be in stock this August…
The 880 and the Liquid Spark would only exceed my budget by approximately €10…