Upgrade from KZ ZS10 Pro - 150 euro budget

As the title says, i’d like upgrade my portable setup from KZ ZS10 Pros. I found them a bit too dark? and with too much recessed mids.
Source is a Mi 9T which if i remember correctly uses some Qualcomm dac that should be able to play up to 24/192. I could buy a BTR-5, but only if really necessary.
Budget is about 150 can stretch it up to 170-180, bonus points if used.

So as far as sound i think i will go with something warm, similar to my HD660S with the iDSD Black Label wich gives them a nice extra oomph in the low end.
Technicalities aren’t really my main goal since i’ll be using those portable, so not too much focus on detail or imaging.
I did some research and i think the Final B2 (found them for 150 used) should hit my requirements based on the review that i read, but i would like to hear other suggestions from you guys.

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Hello Friend. I am in the same place as you, I already have the divine trinity for beginners (Tin T2, KZ ZS10 Pro, Blon BL03) and I plan to move to the middle leagues with a budget of 200 or less.

My options so far are:

-ThieAudio Legacy 3 ($ 120)
-IKKO OH-10 ($ 200)
-Tin T4 ($ 110)

New options appear every day, but be careful with momentary flattery and read reviews of people who have no interests behind a product.
I hope you find it useful.
Stay safe!


If you’re patient you maybe able to find a secondhand OH10 or a Campfire Comet < 200 euros both solid sets imho.


I agree too with ikko oh 10, seems fitting with what you like

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Well thanks, i completely forgot about the Legacy 3! I wanted to check them out mainly because BGGR ranked them pretty high on its tier list. I’ll defenetely read some reviews and thanks again for reminding me about them.

I have actually found a couple of used CA Comet, the lowest being at ~130 euros and a pair of OH10 for 140.

The OH10 do look interesting but my main concern is the fit.
I have small ears (for reference i use the smallest tips that KZ provides, they have small ridges on the top and are not as wide as the standard ones) and their size and weight is probably too much for me (also the short and wide nozzle could be a problem).

As for the Comet the reviews look promising, my only problem is the soundstage: they have been described as having a pretty intimate and close presentation. I’ll definitely look more into them.
And obviously thanks for the suggestions.

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