Upgrade from M50xBT

Currently looking for a set of closed headphones that I can upgrade from the ATH-M50xBT. For reference, I also own a set of 6XX, Tin T2, and these are all running on a JDS Labs Atom and Topping E30. What I don’t really like about these are that they sound so bland to me, where I can tell that these are obviously meant for studio monitoring and the comfort is garbage (even with upgraded pads). I’m thinking of trying to find a sound signature similar to the 6XX, where the sound is more warm and meant for fun. The type of music I listen to is mainly pop punk, hardcore, and indie pop. I would obviously love to listen to my 6XX all day, but I always have background noise going on from people

If you can find a used or discounted mdr-1a that would be good i think. Personally i prefer the 1am2 but it might be too bright if you want something similar to the hd6XX

Welcome to HFGF! What are you looking at for your budget, and where are you located, as that may impact availability of recommendations? MDR 1AM2 may indeed be a good option, but if budget allows, you might also consider something like a Focal Elegia. Currently there are a bunch of open box available at $519 on Adorama, but they’ve been having periodic sales of new ones for $429.

I’m not sure if I’ll be of much help, but seeing that you bought these M50xbt probably for the wireless capabilities, and if you still want a bluetooth set of headphones, I’d recommend the Drop Thx Panda headphones.

Otherwise, based on what you listen to, I’d recommend the Argon Mk3. Closed back, wide soundstage and fun.

awesome I’ll look more into them, thanks!

I’m in the US and my budget would ideally be <$200, but I might be able to stretch it out to $300 if I find a pair that fits what I want. I’ve heard how good Focal headphones are, so maybe I’ll dig a bit deeper into how others think they sound like, thanks!

I actually opted for the bluetooth version because I thought I would use them for portability more but there’s something stopping me from using it like that lol. I was thinking of looking into the Panda but I think I can pass without the bluetooth life. As for the Argons, I was heavily considering them (or the t50 or t60) but it’s hard for me to tell what people like about them, so that’s making me hesitant on getting them. Thanks for the suggestions!

Another option might be the AKG K371, for which there is a Bluetooth variant, but I think the wired version is supposed to sound better. The Argons are good. Lots of fun bass, wide, almost open sounding, but also not easy to drive. You should be okay on the Atom, but they might like a little more power.

i’ll take a look at those as well, thanks for more suggestions! the way you describe the argons kinda make it sound like what I’m looking for, though I think modhouse has been sold out of the argons; and I’m wondering how the soundleak is on them. how would you say about sound easily going in or out of these?

The isolation is pretty good, but depending on how loud you listen, they may leak a little, but you generally won’t hear much over what you’re listening to unless it’s pretty loud. If you’re really interested, I do happen to have a balanced pair for sale in like new condition, and no 12+ week wait for $375 shipped CONUS. PM me if you want more details/pics.