Upgrade from MH752 + Vmoda Boom Pro

My trusty and dearly beloved MH752’s have broken after a 1.5 years off use to a faulty right cup problem. I really loved to use these with the Vmoda Boom Pro. I used them for both PC and PS5. For the PS5 I had them hooked up to a Turtle Beach DSS2 to get audio from my PC at the same time.

Neverthess, I am looking to upgrade. Budget isn’t a big concern. I would preferably like something that is compatible with the vmoda boom pro and doesn’t look too gamery/cheap. Detachable Mics are a huge bonus!

I have M40xs that I use as backup, but they are pretty uncomfortable.

At the same time if you have any dac/amp recommendations that can be used with the PC/PS5 and also take audio input that would be cool.

Thanks :slight_smile:

if competitive is the utmost concern… and you want a attached mic…

DT 1990 + akg mini xlr - 3.5mm adapter + v moda boom pro

DT 770/880/990 + mod for 3.5mm(people offer this service) + v moda

Tygr 300R plus mod listed above + v moda

AKG k702/k712/k7xx(all different signatures needs some research on your end…) + akg mini xlr - 3.5mm adapter + v moda

Shp9500 + modifications for pad adapters and pads themselves(beyerdynamic size) + V moda boom pro

all that comes to mind for the time being

honestly, I would just recommend getting a modmic instead … your extremely limiting yourself by trying to stay with detach mics like v moda as not many are compatible… modmic gives you access to any headphone…

amps and dacs just depends on the headphone and signature your looking for… if it’s just gaming you could just grab a soundblaster G6 and call it a day as they can run 600 ohm headphones not to audiophile quality but definitely good enough for a $120 unit

Yeah I did some more thinking after this post last night and thought about getting a DT770 and a wireless modmic. I’ve owned a mod mic in the past and it was a terrible experience. I hate additional cables and the mic quality was garbage on PS4.

The wireless modmic would at least solve one of those issues. Albeit for quite the hefty price.

DT 770/880/990 + mod for 3.5mm(people offer this service) + v moda

Who offers the 3.5mm mod service? I’m curious how much it would cost.

ps4 itself is terrible on audio so that could have been involved… it doesn’t power a whole lot properly honestly. you can get the wireless modmics for a decent price off the markets if you dig around though.

sometimes people on here have done them as a service, other places you can just look them up such as over on Etsy there is a guy who offers this for $75 of course you need the cable for it though

Got the DT770s today, and I used them with the Mod Mic 5 I had from years ago… Just remembered why I don’t like the Mod Mic. This shit buzzes and has electrical interference no matter what I do with my PC. Had the same issue with my PS4. Issue was consistent regardless of if I was away at school or at home. I don’t have this issue with the vmoda boom pro though.

Fuck the Mod Mic 5.

I might try the wireless version I guess though.

I thought the included mic from the MH752 was already pretty decent.

I’m upgrading my cloud alphas and ordered a bunch of headphones, the MH752 included.

Honestly I don’t like the modmic idea of having two cables. I guess it does the job but it isn’t the cleanest solution.

The vmoda boom pro is a much cleaner and simpler solution in my opinion.

Modmic usb and wireless are much better imo. How’s the 770 working for you?

I like the 770’s they are solid. I wasn’t blown away or anything. They are more comfortable for my head than the MH751/2 because I have large ears. The sound is pretty similar IMO. It wasn’t earth shattering. I would love to try out the 770’s with a dac+amp to get the most out of them. If anyone has any suggestions that would be great :slight_smile:

I also bought the mod mic wireless, going to try it out today or tomorrow. Will update. I’ve been using the 770’s with a external mic (blue yeti) and I thought I would hate it over using a headset, but it hasn’t been bad at all. The automatic noise filter they have on discord really helps. I don’t know if it would be tangible to use with the PS5 though.

they shouldn’t sound similar… it sounds like your not fully powering them as 770s bass drops off the face of the planet when it’s not properly powered… Mh751 is a bright headphone and 770 are V signature… while both are bright 770 should have a hell of a lot more bass, clarity, soundstage, and imaging


Around $100 I guess. That’s about the amount i feel comfortable paying

The 770s definitely have a better soundstage. I guess the USB soundcard I’m using isn’t terrible. Doesn’t get loud enough tho

yep, that’s lacking power then.

depends on the ohms. If it’s 250 ohms… try to see about just snagging something from soundblaster… x3 or g6 will work fine. If your looking for a bit better sound quality look into ifi zen dac… can also add bass if that’s your thing. Fiio k5 pro will also work well. Try to search around the markets even if used…

these won’t provide you the best sound quality… but they will let you use the headphones and others to their fullest for the most part

Normally the ideal entry level for an amp and dac is $200… really don’t need more than that

Edit: if it’s 80 ohms you can probably get away with fx-audio dac x6 as well, schiit fulla, or Fiio E10k

If you plan at all to upgrade your headphones at some point… it may be wise to future proof it a bit… the amp and dac is more of an investment… you don’t need to worry about it later it just needs to be good enough to do whatever you want