Upgrade From MMX 300 2nd Gen

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I currently have a Schiit Hel and a MMX 300 2nd Gen, and I’m looking to upgrade a bit. I really like the way it sounds but the cable is finally starting to break and appears pretty impossible to find in the States; so now is a good a time as any to perhaps upgrade a bit.

I do alot of casual gaming between any amount of steam games and MMOs like Warcraft, and some listening on Tidal, and I’m definitely open to separating the headphones from the mic if need be. My Budget is about $600. Recommendations would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance!

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Hey there, Welcome to Hifiguides,

So, to help you out what would you be looking for in terms of upgrade? What is it that you dislike and like about the mmx300 and where do you feel it could be improved? Seeing how you also listen to music, what kind of genres do you prefer to listen to?

Do you by chance have any form of preference here? Would a Modmic be okay? it’s a microphone that attaches to the headphone through a magnet. Other alternative would a Desk mic be more preferred for you with a boom arm? The issue here is that mmx300 is quite a superb gaming headset and you will need to consider going into actual headphones from there. MMX300 is actually just a slightly redone Beyerdynamic DT 770 with a microphone on it.

Would you be okay with the purchase of an amp and dac whether separated or combo unit? Some people have concerns about this or desk space issues.

Hey thanks for the response! I don’t have any real complaints about the mmx 300 2nd gen sound wise; its just wearing out on me from everyday use hah. For instance, the cable is starting to separate near the annoying placement of the volume/mute switch, the headpiece is frayed; I’ve searched high and low for a cable for it, but its specialized and not available anywhere that I could find that ships to the states. I figured now was as good a time as any to consider upgrading a bit from there.

Music wise I love specific R&B, 90s/00s Rock, some classic rock and Electronic music… bit eclectic here ha. ModMic is perfect, id love to upgrade into a real headphone that can still be used to game with; this is the primary use is all. I’m intrigued by open back but I’ve only ever had closed back headphones.

I’m open to the Amp Dac combo as well; pretty open to anything. I do have the Schiit Hel already; that was an amazing gamechanger for me from a sound blaster card previously. I have watched alot of Z’s videos and the HiFi guides; but I’m slightly confused as to what is best tier vs mid tiers on it and what use each set of cans is best for. I wish I knew what I liked in a headphone but quite honestly I’ve had the MMX 300 1st and 2nd gen for the last 7 or so years so I don’t really know anything else. I can say I have enjoyed them for sure, just looking to take the next step.

I would keep the HEL and grab a set of Dan Clark Aeon RT.

That is a good point, but did you try just messaging Beyerdynamic about it? They have plenty of spare parts I am sure they could just get you another cable for it without too much of a hassle.

That opens up a ton of recommendations thats for sure…

alright, well it’d be best to pick what one suits you and calculate that into your budget. USB is my recommendation less you prefer the wireless mic. I would recommend staying away from UNI as it’s not that great and runs quite sensitive.

I mainly asked this as a potential future upgrade is all. Schiit Hel is honestly quite nice but unless you really need that mic input I personally see it as their is better options for around the same price as that particular unit. Granted it is small too so it’s nice to have around.

So one thing I try to explain to people is that watching reviews and our thoughts is one thing but knowing your own preferences and what you enjoy is completely different. We all hear sound differently… I could think one headphone isn’t for me and sounds thin(using an example the DT 880) while others will praise the hell out of it. Each headphone has it’s own sound. You gotta find what you find the most enjoyment in. Though it sounds like you may have landed on a signature you really appreciate already considering your music preferences… Beyers are good but not the best for those who really love vocals. Only a few of the beyers do vocals incredibly well and aren’t recessed such as the DT 880.

Now onto some headphone recommendations. So MMX300 is a bit more V shaped as it has it’s bass and treble raised up just like the DT 770 so if you want a signature just like it… lets see

This is 100% an option for you as the Aeons are also more V shaped in signature like your MMX300 which is just the DT 770 with some alterations to it. These are $500 and the RT version is only available from Dan Clark directly less stated otherwise by a third party seller that it’s the RT version. This particular headphone is one of my favorites for this signature. Can come in open back or closed back. This one would easily be one of the better suggestions especially if you really like leather pads on your headphone. as the sheepskin pads on these are extremely comfortable and thick.

The Direct step up from the MMX300 to a headphone variety is definitely going to be either the 177X GO($450 low impedance, portable, slight V shape and very well balanced out in sound) or the DT 1770($600 but can be found for massively cheaper but this will have the real signature to your headphone as the mmx300 is a bit dialed back to be more comfortable to a gamer so this particular headphone will have more bass and treble than what your used to) which is the direct line successor of the DT 770(which is where the mmx300 was created from). Granted I would definitely recommend shopping around used for these two especially in the case of 1770 as you can save a lot of money in doing so. These are however, still closed backs.

Another more V signatured closed back is the EMU Teak($500)

If your interested in a more Open Back Beyer with a more V signature there’s also the T1 2nd generation which was just recently discontinued however, if you dig around and get a bit lucky you can snag one right around $450 - $550.

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Thank you both for the information! This gives me a great starting point to drill down and do some research on these.

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