Upgrade from RHA T20

Hi, im looking for an upgrade of my t20i.i bought this ago for 99$
How does the new iems in 100-150$ range compare to this iems?
I often read that the new iems getting better and better.
Or must i spend more money to upgrade.

Are the FH3 an improve on the T20?
i had the fd1 but they was not good and i send it back.
I hear alot good about the fd1 so should i get it a try?

I have both the RHA T20 and the FH3. For two years, the T20 was my daily iem. I loved the feel and the bass response which was perfect for my hip hop jazz selections.

But when I first heard the same music on the FH3, I was shocked by the “airiness” that doesn’t exist with the T20. The FH3 presents with more space, stage and “life” without giving up anything on the low end.

For me, FH3 > T20… amd that’s coming from a longtime T20 fan.

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