Upgrade from S8F

OK so with 11:11 coming up I’m tempted to looking for a possible upgrade to my S8Fs.
I love their detail/resolution but the V shaped tuning can get a tad wearing at times.
My preference would be Legacy 4 style neutral tuning but with S8F resolution.
This is my max price range (and even then only if there’s some sale reduction so please , no recommendations for the Mest as it’s way too much).
Library is varied from 70s classic rock (Zep, Sabbath, Floyd etc.) To female vocals (think London Grammer, Sarah McLachlan) and idm (carbon based lifeforms, Aes Dana, Yagya etc) so I’m looking for an alrounder.
Currently using said S8F, L4s and Timeless.
With that in mind I’m seriously interested in the Clairvoyance but are there any other alternatives to consider?

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EJ07m with Tanya filters.

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What does the Tanya filter bring to the table?

For some (dumb) reason, when shouer decided to retune and mass production ej07, they made the M version with a very short nozzle. Some time later, the biggest affictionado of og EJ found that it sounded meh due to resonance peaks on that short nozzle. He tried tanya filters and boom, magic was done.

It’s brilliant. The best tribid I’ve heard on the bracket. Techs with goldilock tuning. Bass has speed and slam. Gps tracker as imaging, using wide stage with brilliant mids, surrouding you by sound (OG EJ does this better in a different tuning).

It’s pretty stupid and I almost skipped it over, but then I demoed and I had to know if my gut feeling was right. Oh boy if it was. Most my audio buddies bought one, I’ve yet to find one that is unimpressed.


Vision Ears Erlkönig, or 64 Audio Tia Fourté if you are on a budget

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Looking at the two of them overlayed, the SoftEars RSV seems to be tuned pretty close to the Legacy 4: https://crinacle.com/graphs/iems/graphtool/?share=IEF_Neutral_Target,L4_12,RSV
Assuming that no one has actually closed a deal on them, someone on r/AVexchange has a pair up for sale at $500. @nymz could probably chime in if that fits the bill or not.

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Sorry, i very long and exhausting day at work yesterday and it seems I’ve read the OP post on a diagonal -. -

I’ve never heard L4. I freaking love RSV but it’s a full BA so im not sure OP wants it. Also EJ is cheaper (dudo audio store ftw!!).

Rsv is a beauty tho. Maybe I should write soke impressions soon :slight_smile:

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Thanks for responding.
This will be my biggest (and probably last spend on what I hope will be my end game set ) so buying blind (or should that be deaf?,) Is a bit of a crap shoot hence the question.
I’d not heard of the RSV so I’ll do some reading.
Interesting info on the EJ07M but my ears prefer short nozzles so not sure that’s gonna work for me.
I cast some custom moulds and I have a very sharp bend in my ear and most nozzles press against that bend… probably why I find foam tips the most comfortable.
Not averse to a full BA set but preference is for a DDc for the low end.

Ej07m then. Rsv is big boy (almost the same as moondrops lineup). Ej07m has great fiting and very short nozle:

Watch Michael bruce’s video on tanya filters :slight_smile:

Also, if you end up choosing it, talk to dudo and they can hook you up with good prices! Most people here paid around 470$ or so.