Upgrade from Schiit HEL v1 to?

Hey guys, for a while I’ve been running a Schiit Hel v1 and pc37x but recently got Tygr 300r’s (I swapped the pads with some Dekoni fenestrated, they’re just more comfortable for my head) and an Elgato wave 3 mic so the mic on my DAC isn’t used anymore. I’ve been really enjoying the Tygr 300r’s and I’m starting to lean more towards music focus rather than gaming focus. Would it be worth changing or upgrading my DAC to something like an iFi Zen Dac v2? For music I’m using Spotify and Amazon HD. I’m also about to get a pair of the Sivga SV021’s

I don’t see a benefit to moving up from the hel unless you plan on dropping $700 on a DAC and $300-$500 on an amp. I really enjoyed my hel when I had it but it doesn’t hold a candle to my D90/SA1 combo.

Gotcha, thank you. I wasn’t really sure, this has been my first nice dac and don’t honestly have any problems, just was curious.

No problem! Really until you dive into hard to drive headphones or really resolving headphones you’ll be fine.