Upgrade from Sen HD58x

Hi Guys,

I got a Sen HD58x thanks to Zeos :stuck_out_tongue: I love them, but it’s time for an upgrade.
budget max 700$

Cans I found and looks interesting:

  1. Beyerdynamic DT 1990 pro
  2. Senn HD 660s
  3. HarmonicDyne Zeus
  4. SendyAudio Aiva. /or sigva P2.
  5. Senn HD 6xx
  6. any other recommendation that I Should look for??

so I never heard any Beyerdynamic so I am not familiar with the “brand Signature” I am more familiar with Sennheiser sound as I got HD 555 /595 /58x.
Dac/amp: Topping dx7 pro.


  1. Music 60% ( Heavy, rock, metal, instrumental, classic)
  2. Games 40% ( imaging and sound stage are important)

another question will be, I know that 58x and 660s are similar but with better detail and imaging, but I should notice that immediately or is super subtle the difference?
should I get more benefits from the DT 1990 pro?

Thanks !!

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no you l9ikely won’t. you wilkl probably notice the slightly more pronounced treble on the 660 but otherwise probably not immediately but overtime it becomes more noticeable. what do you like specifically that the 58x does and what are you looking for in regards to improvements or changes that you want coming from the 58x to something else?

What are you powering the 58x with?
Might be worth putting some of that $700 to an amp.

Already got a Topping DX7 pro :slight_smile: and I might add a Topping a30 pro in the future (because of the high impedance issue on Dx7pro), (but from the list the only one that could be affected is the HarmonicDyne Zeus 64 ohms).

I forgot the focal Elex, but not sure if they are doing ok for the kind of music I like and also not sure about the QA, I read several problems related to QA for those. ( I don’t live in the US, return a product is almost impossible)

I like the bass and mids, are good, vocals / timber are also good , I don’t have complains with HD 58x but I want more.
imaging is like 7 points is not bad , but I guess it could be better, just I haven’t heard anything to compare with… unfortunately.
soundstage is intime but that’s kind as most of the 600 line from Sennheiser.
according to Joshua DT 1990 the soundstage is a bit wider
HD 560 may have better detail and more imaging right? but not sure if they are super flatt that can be boring?

so if the mids and bass is something you like on it the 1990 is hard to recc. while the bass on the 1990 is present the headphone itself isn’t " warm rather leans neutral bright with somewhat natural timbre. the 1990’s soundstage is less of a circle and more of an eggshaped soundstage but imaging is much better than it is on the 58x. personally can’t speak much for the 560 but from what I remember the imaging on it was just ok? it was serviceable at best for games. the 1990 overall though is hard to reccomend due to the treble being on the harsher side of things. a good sidestep from the 1990 and is cheaper due to how unpopular of an option it is but may be a better headphone as it’s less harsh and on the warmer side of things would be the amiron homes slight downgrade from the 1990 when it comes to gaming but from a sound profile closer to a safer reccomend. it’s slightly brighter sounding than the 1990 but not as harsh as the 1990 if you get my drift. it also has a similar midbass bump like the 58x. Another option to consider though is the previously mentioned Elex. the elex is thought to be on of the more direct upgrades to the 58x .

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Have you considered Hifiman Sundara in your shopping?

An absolute no brainer which you cannot go wrong with is the 660s. The 58x is literally a budget 660s

Sundara and hd 560 according to the reviews are super clinical/analytics and not sure if I would enjoy those, but yeah I would totally love to test unfortunately here is almost impossible.
I guess for the price range I would go with the Zeus instead of the Sundara, because they are a bit more fun.