Upgrade from the 200€ tier iems?

I currently own Moondrop Kanas Pros and BGVP DM6 and want an overall upgrade over those. Any recommendation for iems under 500€ that give me a higher end experience than these? I tend towards the fiio FH7 but want to know if there are other good options under 500€, which are available in Europe like the fiios.
Thank you in advance

The fh7 is really great, so that might be your best bet. Imo there is a gap for the $500 range iems, and you have to jump to the 1k mark to get to a fair amount of options.

The ibasso it04, Noble trident, and fearless audio S8F are all good options as well

Fearless Audio S8F is in that range too, it’s all BA and highly regarded so it may be worth the research.

I know about S8f but I don’t want the hassle of dealing with customs and long shipping time.
I’ll just go for the FH7 then.

Sorry misread something, customs, yea it’s whatever, I understand the preference.

You won’t be disappointed with the FH7s. I did a ton of research on them. Didn’t want to spend the money but after having them for about a month, I’d do it all over again. They perform FAR above their price tag!