Upgrade my audio for gaming amd music (~€400 euro)

Hi everyone,

I would like to upgrade my headphone with a budget around €400 euro.

Currently I own the hd58x, the fiio k5 pro dac/amp and I used to own Audeze mobius. I needed to return this resently.

For games I play, semi competetive fps, single player and stategy games.
For music I listened to techno/rock.

The following headphones peaked my interest:
Dt 1990 pro(€400/€430)
Sennheiser 660s
Hifmann sundara
Audeze penrose/mobius

Does anyone have any recomandations for which headphone to buy?
Thanks in advance for the advice/recomendations.

I would probably get the Sundara. I personally own the DT1990 and really like them but because you already have HD58X, you might try some planars like the Sundara.
For Techno and Rock, the DT1990 can also be a bit harsh without EQ

Hard to beat the Penrose when you find them on a bstock sale. Sundaram might be a little wide sounding for competitive fps but great for immersive games.