Upgrade over my DT1990 for classical and kpop

I’m getting more interested in getting a headphone upgrade.
Since I want an upgrade and not just a sidegrade, my budget is around 1500€.

I mostly listen to Kpop, sometimes Jpop and a lot of classical music.
My amp is the Topping A30 Pro.

I couldn’t test any headphones in that price range so far but after reading and watching many reviews my favourites are:

HD800s (mainly because of soundstage, timbre and detail retrieval), LCD-X,
and Hedd Heddphone (but that’s almost too expensive).

And no, I don’t consider the Hifiman Arya. It’s too expensive and I probably won’t like the treble and timbre.

So which one would be a good upgrade over my DT1990? Any other suggestions?

The Focal Clears. they will do magic to Classical, not sure about Kpop as I’ve never listened to it before.

But they don’t have wide soundstage like HD800S are known for. And that’s one of the big downsides of my dt1990 as well.
So I don’t know if the clears are that much of an upgrade.
And is there a big improvement in the clear MG? The normal clears are about 980€ and the clear mg 1500€

Hello! Im in the same boat with you, i have a30pro with 1990, im too looking for real step up from 1990. Yesterday i received Hifiman edition xs, currently in burn in period, something is better than on 1990, and something not, i can’t make decision right now, soundstage is much bigger on Edition XS than on 1990, they provide much more layers in sound depth and width, but midrange now is a little bit lacking. So im too looking for real big jump from 1990, edition xs looks like step up, but not big.

p.s. After listen them a little bit, i think i will sell 1990, can’t switch back to 1990 after XS:))

I’ve tried the Audeze LCD X in store and I would say it is an upgrade in everything except maybe the soundstage width. The soundstage remains pretty close an intimate which seems to be something that you don’t want.

that’s true, but for classical music, imaging is more important than soundstage. I’m not saying it isn’t important, but rather if I can’t have good balance of both, then I would go for imaging over it.

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