Upgrade plan well underway

So I haven’t kept it a secret that I do want to upgrade my truck’s audio. It probably also hasn’t been an unknown fact that I can be a bit of an ass, particularly when I feel people start pushing in one direction and wanna be pissy about how I start to put my foot down.
Either way, it’s not as though I haven’t taken things into account.
Now, the fact that the current stereo’s mic doesn’t work, at all, and lacks a CD player has had me looking to replace that. This particular unit has definitely caught my attention as a candidate:

As for the rear channels, I have my personal reasons for wanting to keep them, and bitching that I should get rid of them will be pointless. These are what I’m currently looking at using:

Now… The front channels… These have been a bit of a fight, and has generated so much of a fuss that it’s fucking ridiculous. Now… IF a better option in a similar budget (WITHOUT GETTING RID OF THE REARS) then these, please feel free to present the alternative.

Next, the one that may come last, the sub. I’ve decided I want it behind the driver’s seat. That’s it. Period. End of story. Now, I am aware that the 8oHm version is out of stock on Crutchfield, and is priced much higher on Amazon. If you know a site with stock and at a similar or lower price, again, I’m all ears. I am also willing to consider the 4oHm version.

Now, I do not plan to do an aftermarket amp for the main speakers. I also don’t have an amp picked out for the subwoofer. If one can be given with a full and honest recommendation, and won’t be crazy expensive (in the context of an individual who plans to do this in stages due to income constraints), I’m willing to listen.