Upgrade power supply for DAC and Raspberry Pi streamer

I’ve heard that a linear power supply or good SMPS can improve the sound quality of the DAC and streamer, so I want to give it a try.
I found various linear power supplies on aliexpress and the usual good smps like the ifi iPower.

Does anyone have experience with those chinese LPS or the ifi iPower?

My Pi 4 streamer needs 3A output power so the ifi would only work for my SMSL sanskrit 10th mk2 so I’m rather looking for a power supply that has two 5V outputs with one having 3A output current.

Any recommendations for a power supply that can improve sound quality and doesn’t break the bank?

According to spec sheet or measured?

Other important question is where you are since 120 or 240V (and 50 or 60 Hz) is important when looking at linear PSUs.

Most LPS on aliexpress have 220V which is what I need.
The Pi 4 is really power hungry and with an audio hat even more so and people recommend to use a 3A power supply. For my usage 2 or 2.5 A might be enough tho

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Yes it is!
3A is reasonable

any reasons to choose a P4 versus a P3 B+? for streaming that is.

pi 4 has more RAM

just did some research and seems like power consumption isn’t that extreme. With an 1080p stream it’s below 1A, so streaming via volumio is probably even lower.
I might get a 15W LPS for my Pi and SMSL DAC then.
Only problem is that most of those LPS don’t have a CE symbol so I might get stuck in customs.