Upgrade question for a DT770

Hi everyone,

a while back I bought my DT770 as my first real headphones and I’m looking to upgrade.

My plan is getting an open headphone (for the wide soundstage, imaging, heat venting etc.) in the <200€ price range that would still be a good upgrade from the DT700.

Use cases would be mostly FPS games (competetive, as the category suggests), but of course also casual, immersive gaming and (very) casual music listening.

From what I’ve dug up so far, I’d consider the TYGR 300R, the Sennheiser HD 58X or the HE400i (Ver. 2020), but that’s just what I found.

Oh, and I’d be using this with a Sound Blaster G6, so high impedance wouldn’t be a problem.
Also, a detachable cable would be a big plus!

Are these worthwile upgrades or are there better options in my situation?
Thanks a lot in advance!

Hi @Steinways, welcome to the forum!
What country are you located?
I love the HE400i, but I don’t think this would be the best option if your main use-case is gaming. I think the Tygr 300R and DT880 Pro and DT990 Pro are good choices from Beyerdynamic depending on your musical taste.
In terms of gaming, I’ve heard a lot of buzz around the Sennheiser PC38x, but I think this is hard to get unless you are located in the USA.

Yeah, about that "upgrade? Others are going to be a side grade in most cases.

side grade, reduction in imaging and soundstage with a balanced signature so you lose the treble advantage in fps

side grade, this headphone is quite neutral… I don’t really recomend this over a 770 for FPS

would be a good alternative if your not af an of the brightness from the 770 currently… though if your already a fan of the 770 you should look at the 990 at 600 ohms provided you can drive it(g6 is fine)… that would be the alternative

you would need quite a bit more in the budget to upgrade past the beyers in terms of competitive gaming as in that budget they practically hold the crown… everything else will be a straight downgrade or side grade.

as for the pc38x comment… garbage for music… good for competitive gaming… garbage for casual gaming… not better than 770

Out of curiosity, why are they garbage for casual gaming? I have neither heard the dt770 nor the pc38x so I don’t have an opinion, just curious.

I should have put in my opinion on that. It’s just their natural signature… they aren’t very good on sound quality for music or just in general in my opinion excluding competitives as it’s a bright signature. Bass feels honestly a bit flabby, uncontrolled, and just not very good sounding, mids are nice clean but not very forward or detailed really, highs have a touch of sparkle to them but tones of grain, lacking in separation of sound, lacking detail retrieval… Honestly, Outside of the competitives I really don’t like the headset and would choose many others over it if casual gaming was involved…

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Thank you all for the replies, I did not expect such a quick and informative response!

First of all, I’m from Germany, to answer the first question.

Second, how much higher in budget would I need to go to see a decent upgrade in your opinion? I might loosen up a few more bucks for this after all…

If that turns out to be too much, I think I’ll settle with the DT990, if only just for the openness.

But in either case, thank you a lot for your input!

It depends on what your looking to upgrade so to speak…

Sound signature preferences of sorts really…

Well, I think I’m still too noobish for knowing my way around sound signatures (or equalizers for that matter).

So, I think I’ll go with the kinda sidegrade of the DT990 600 Ohms, just for the openness and not blowing my budget (or just buying stuff I can’t appreciate because I would’nt notice the improvements).

Thank you guys so much for helping me, probably would have wasted some money without you :sweat_smile:.

By the way, can you recommend anything on how to get deeper into the matter of using eqs, having the capability to distinguish sound signatures etc. or is it just listening on different headphones, time and practice?

Been loving my Sundara’s for CSGO so far (yes yes, twice the price range :stuck_out_tongue: )
But I’ve read the HE4xx/400i should give you a bit of the same

I would think theres plenty of guides floating around explaining eq, can also use oratorys eq preset if you want to tune it harman curve. Other than that eq, distinguishing different signatures, etc. Is just experience… you really have to sit with the different signatures to hear the changes. Like when I went from a bright sounding beyerdynamic to nighthawk carbon or audeze lcd2 the difference was very blatantly obvious. When it comes to eq pretty much just tinkering at your leisure is how you get used to that… though you do need additional power if your going to eq

Also, sundara is much different and better than 4xx or 400i imo

how is the sound stage, directional audio and footsteps on those compared to the dt770s?

I’ve not heard the DT770s yet. I’ve had a few closed back Sennheisers (280’s and HDR170) and it’s like going from … what feels like a 20cm x 20cm box to a 5m by 5m room