Upgrade recommendations?

Current System:
Yamaha RX-V779
Rythmik Audio LV12R Subwoofer
JBL Arena 120 x 3 for LCR (I got these for $45 / pair when they were on sale a while ago.)

The speakers are crossed over to the sub at 100 Hz.

The system is used almost exclusively for home theater. I’d like any recommendation to be a substantial upgrade over the Arena 120s. Let’s say a budget of < $1k for LCR, but less is always better. The Arenas would move to surround duty. I’d like to stick with bookshelves.

I have some Sony Core SSCS5 bookshelves that I bought on black friday sale just to check them out. I think they are just ok. They are a bit bright for me. I didn’t buy these as an upgrade for the HT. I just wanted to check them out because of the hype they have generated.

I haven’t liked the klipsches that I have heard in the past.

Thanks for any suggestions.

What kind of display projector or panel ? How big is your theater ? JBL got that new line HDI-4500 center ch $1750.00 SVS ultra $699.00 revel C25 $750.00 ELAC DC52 $399.00

Not a fan of klipsch so cant recommend those. But they have good affordable RP centers. If you got a acoustical screen that would open the door wide open for awesome LCR.

Projector. L/R are about 8 feet apart. Center channel is below the screen. Room size (I can’t believe I forgot to include this info) is approximately 11 x 20

Budget for LCR < $1k. I’m looking to upgrade the entire front LRC, not just get a center channel.

Center surround coming from the bottom bugs me to no end, have to run below screen too in my room. I believe in Zeos take on running center (zreview HT 101 center channel). spend on that MF (center), 6in drivers at the least in a big cabinet. You got 2 sets of surrounds to get by for now, order the biggest honkin center you can afford then see how big you want L/R to be after the test drive of the new center. Personally my goal would be to get close to full range with a center as possible. L/R 6in bookshelves with dual matching subs. Center/multiple subs get priority.

Cambridge Audio SX 60, warm with very good base and only $299

Be on the lookout for speaker impedence and reciever rating to prevent the AVR from going into protect mode.

If you have liked the JBL sound, wondering would a 3 set of JBL 530 be a substantial upgrade.
Would in the budget range.

How are those jbl 120 and sonys ? Ever think about going 3 centers for LCR ?

as in 3 * center speakers in a LCR setup?
Unless all of them are not 3-way speakers, it most likely would not work good and create weird effects.

Usually center’s are only 2-way and with 1 *tweeter and 2 * midrange/bass drivers.

What if you stand MTM L/R on their side and turn them into D’apple-lee-toes configuration ?

Even in the main listening position ? got 3 mtm speakers and they sound pretty good in a small room all horizontal. Wonder what 3-ways would sound like for LCR.

I’m not using the Sonys. I just included that information to say that I don’t really like them very much. I like the 120s more than the sonys. The sonys sound bright to me.

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Good to know, the sony got a positive review by cheapaudioman.

I have a set of 530s on the way. I ordered them during the black friday sale. I wasn’t convinced they would ship before I lost patience and canceled my order, but they supposedly shipped today. I will report back.

Took 6 weeks from the date ordered, but they finally arrived. I’ll give them a good shakedown tomorrow.

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