Upgrade/Sidegrade from HD560S

I have really been enjoying my HD560S with a JDS Atom Amp.

What would be a good upgrade or sidegrade from the HD560S? My budget is $1500.

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What do you like/dislike about hd560s? What would you love to have in another set? What are the main genres you like? Also, do you have dac?

There’s quite a lot you can do with $1500 depending on your goals for where you want to go from what your current setup is giving you. Favorite genres/bands, use case, etc is helpful for anyone providing advice.

That’s a hell of a leap or sidestep considering the 560s cost $200! Man, there are a TON of choices within your budget.

Good luck! Have fun.

I really like the soundstage, detail, and tuning of the hd560s. The comfort of the HD560s is another thing that has made me love them. This is my first “hifi” headphone that I have purchased.

I would definitely like something that can improve upon soundstage and detail from the hd560s.

I tend to listen to a variety of genres while also using the headphones for gaming. I plan to continue using the HD560s. I would love to explore different headphones and AMP/DAC combos as I go down this rabbit hole.

I do not have a dedicated DAC (use motherboard DAC) and the only AMP I own is the JDS Atom.

My max budget is $1500 but spending less is always better!

Thank you all for all your responses and help!

Hope this provides a bit more context.