Upgrade time : From Audeze LCD-3 (Pre fazor) to...?

Hia all,

First, let me say that I absolutely adore my Audeze LCD-3 (pre fazor).

But my left driver has died, it seems… So as I will be looking into getting them repair, I need a replacement of some sort and what better excuse to upgrade?

USE : Music (All sort of heavy metal and rock mainly), live guitar and gaming

GEAR : MZ2 lps+ and Lynx Hilo

Open to suggestions! :slight_smile:

that’s unfortunate. Driver replacements are pricey from audeze and they will give you fazor drivers, so it will probably sound like a totally different headphone.

Besides the genres you listen to, what do you like in your headphones and the lcd3 pf and what would you want different?

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The space and imaging is insane.

I mean, I’ll listen to something and I forget I’m wearing them.
Like if a certain sound is suppose to come from behind me, I would often turn my head to look if the noise I was hearing was not made by someone that had come in my office.

I picked these headphones because they seemed to really suits the guitar (which is primarily in the mid range). The Mid range on the LCD-3 is amazing. At least compared to say my previous pair which were the HD 800s. (In fact, everything, except perhaps the weight of the headphones) is miles better on the Audeze… At least for my taste.

Leaning towards the HE1000SE or HE1000v2…

Would love the Abyss AB-1266, but that’s way above budget at this point and probably overkill for my stack.

For metal and gaming I would definitely go with an he6se over the he1000 given you have the power to drive them. I’ve kind of given up on my he1000 at this point. They’re beautiful and all but I can’t justify the price. Even at MSRP the he6se v2 is better imo.

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Thanks for the suggestion! It’s a good one!
I think @M0N also prefers the HE6SE over the HEK v2

Which HE1000 do you have? v1, v2 or SE ?


For fun yes but for technical ability I’d still take the hek most likely

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I have a v2 and the he6 slam on hard metal songs feels like there’s a subwoofer built into your body it hits so hard sometimes.

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How would you say the HE6SE and HE1000V2 soundstage and imaging compares?
Have you used the he6 for gaming, at all?

Do you feel you can pinpoint with precision the distance and location of sounds?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I vote for the 1266 (if tc) :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Dude, I wish… hahaha.

I guess you always have to draw the line somewhere, though?

takes off 1266tc
uh yeah, totally

perhaps lcd24 is also an option to consider? though it doesn’t show up on the used market often

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YOLO. I just got the Susvara.

I think I will go with the HE1000SE.

Fair point for the LCD24, @M0N did suggest them to me.
But I guess, part of me is a bit disappointed with Audeze durability. (Ok very small negligible sample, here… but still as much as I love my LCD-3, they have given me so much trouble.

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Thinking about going Meze Empyrean and calling it a wrap.