Upgrade to isine 20 from isine 10?

Just received my isine 10s today (with cipher), and damn, sorta regretting not getting isine 20 cuz these are amazing! Also recently bought S8F (awaiting shipment) and ex800st this month.

I’m new to the high tier IEMs game, so these are my first 3 good IEMs.

It might be helpful if someone is able to compare iSine 10 & 20 on each of the following categories bass, treble, mids, soundstage, detail from 1/10 so I can understand just much better isine 20 might be better

Other headphones im considering are xba-n3ap and FH5 and moondrop plus… but considering my current 3 IEM, they might be a step down? Idk, thoughts? I listen to EDM & hip hop, and Indie/alt. most frequently.

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