Upgrading Burson Funk from NE5532 to OPA1656?

This is my first time doing anything DIY with audio.
I am planning to replace the NE5532 in my Burson Funk with the OPA1656. Since I am not interested in the V6 Vivid Dual that it comes with.

I’m going to solder the IC to a soic to dip adapter then plug it into the the amp.

Is the OPA1656 the correct opamp to use? I heard it was the best so that’s why I picked it.

Are there any other considerations I am missing?

Also any tips for soldering IC’s? From what I’ve seen it seems simple enough.

It is a dual Op-Amp package like the NE5532 with mostly the same ratings. Drop-In replacement as far as a quick glance at their datasheets goes.

As in: The board has surface mount pads and you are putting an 8-pin socket on?

When directly soldering an IC, you can solder the pins in random order to minimize thermal stress. Not necessary with those plastic packages, but good practice regardless.
When you can, just solder in the socket and plug the IC in afterwards.

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Thanks for the info.

I was thinking of making something like this.


Those are to adapt SOIC (= surface mount) components to DIP (= through hole).

What do the Op-Amps you think of buying look like?

They look like the 8-pin SOP.

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