Upgrading from Fidelio X2HR

After trying a few different headphones I found that I enjoy the Fidelio X2HR. I like the increased bass it has and the “fun” and U shaped sound characteristics. I’m a little treble sensitive and I find for example the Beyerdynamic T1 2nd fatiguing to listen to. I enjoy my Sennheiser HD800S but they lack bass so I’ll probably end up selling these.

What would be an upgrade in the 1000-1500 price range?

Currently my setup is Schiit Bifrost 2 combined with Monolith Liquid Platinum with Philips E88CC SQ tubes.

I dunno if you have tried Dekoni Choice Suede pads and or Leather but they do feel an upgrade for my X2HR. Bass was more engaged and felt more fun for me.

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I havn’t tried this yet, I don’t want to spend too much upgrading the X2HR as I plan to upgrade them with another headphone :slight_smile: I’d rather put the money in new headphones or upgrading the new headphones with pads

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If you don’t mind closed back headphones the kennerton GH50 is really fun and easy to drive. Fotex th900s can be fun as well on too s but that can be an extreme v shpe sound.


Maybe you could trade your Senny for somebody’s HIFIMAN HE-6? Not sure if the Liquid Platinum could drive it, though.

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It definitely won’t, you really need a speaker amp to get the best out of the he6.

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The X2HR was the first non Corsair gaming headphone purchase I made and I really enjoyed it. I still have it boxed back up all original stored away in a closet.

I’m a little bit the same way and it made it hard for me to look for something different, I just had to try out different sets and stop being so caught up in descriptions of sound, even from trusted sources. It looks like though you have a couple other baselines to compare too so you’re off to a good start, even if still not easy.

Perhaps even coming in under budget - A Focal Radiance might be something to try, nice fun bass and low-end grip and speed, good mids and treble that is extended but smooth with good detail that I don’t find fatiguing (YMMV). It is a closed back but still has surprisingly good stage that is more holographic than the X2HR though perhaps not as wide, but imaging and spatial presentation of the Radiance makes up for it. Over all the Radiance is far the superior to the X2HR in all technical aspects.

I went from the X2HR to all things a Sivga Phoenix but then shortly afterwards it was the Hifiman Edition X v2 (this was the OG HEXv2 original msrp was @$1600. It was a planar but I was really taken by its grand stage and huge wall of sound and bass /sub-bass extension/rumble yet really decent mids/upper mids and the treble was there but not peaky. It sounded really great with the Bifrost 2 and Liquid plat I was running at the time. I upgraded from the HEXv2 to the HEKv2 (HE1000v2) and that was another step up all around in technicalities but still preserving the sound signature I became fond of. (I have a thing for the big egg-shape hifiman planars).

Getting back to a headphone recommendation - You might consider a HEKv2 or the new HE1000v2 Stealth even. I know from personal experience it sounds good with your current DAC/amp setup.

I tend to agree I had a TH900mk2 Pearl White Limited Edition w/anniversary tuning, that I ran for a time off the BF2 and LP. @Etroze86 has a point the th900s can be a bit extreme with the v, though that makes for a great fun bass it can also get a bit sizzly in the top end and the Th900s are really amp picky and the wrong amp will make for not a fun treble experience if you’re sensitive to treble.
The thing with the Fostex Limited Editions with “Anniversary” tuning is that it tones down the v shape and treble which for me was a very enjoyable sound. Again YMMV. So if considering a Th900 look for one with the Limited Edition Anniversary Tuning - Sapphire Blue, Pearl White, Brilliant Purple and there is a new Black Onyx but it is out of your budget range and have not seen any on use market.

What ever you do - try to listen to what you’re interested in first, and even better if on your setup at home. I know easier said than done, but if you can that’s best. IF not, try to buy used so that you can save some money so if you need to sell them to try something else you are not taking the big depreciation hit.


Thank you for a lot of good recommendation. I have some research to do on the mentioned cans! Getting to listen to cans before is a good suggestions. I think it’s possible in some more serious shops.

Hm if the t1.2 are to much treble for you maybe a t1.3 could be better if I remember correctly they did dampen the spike a good bit and they aren’t as picky amp wise :thinking:

Other options if you are ok with buying used and the th900 are a bit sharp would be the th610 or the drop versions ( especially the purple :purple_heart: ) or a Denon 7200
Other cans that could work is a zmf eikon with the right pads

You also could check with @WaveTheory , he as a Bass Lover and reviewer may have some ideas for you :grin:

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