Upgrading from Hiby R6 DAP

I have been using a Hiby R6 (old one not 2020 or pro) for a while with DT770 pro at the office. Now that I’m working from home I got some hifiman Ananda.
I don’t have any issues driving the headphones from the DAP but I’m planning for an upgrade for when the battery or DAP itself will die.
I was thinking to first get a desktop amp and keep using the R6 as a DAC but I would have to use the line out with TRS to RCA I think, for most amps. Not sure if that really worth it and if the signal wouldn’t be impacted, compared to direct balanced out of the R6.
Is there any upgrade path that make use of the DAP? DAP + amp and then desktop DAC + amp.
Or should I just wait for the DAP to die and get a desktop system then?
I think my next DAP would be much entry level, just for cimmute/office (kinda noisy with closed headphones anyway)