Upgrading from Micca OriGen

Hey all!

Just looking for advice on my current situation.

As of now, I am running from Windows 10 (source) to a Micca OriGen to drive a pair of Fostex and NightHawks and also act as a preamp to send signal to a pair of Vanatoo T1 (Original, not Encore).

I’ve been debating what do to when it comes time to move up from here, but I’m at a loss.

Suggestions / thoughts?

What price range are you looking at? And would you be looking for separate components or an all in one unit?

Nothing really set price wise maybe $1,000 for a pair? I’ve been rocking the setup for some time, so I’m due a large upgrade. I’m more so into the form factor and the always necessary knob.

Currently it sits under some SoundRise’s so something that could fill the footprint.

Well that’s a pretty high budget lol, I don’t think you would need to go near that.

You could get a schiit asgard 3 with the multibit dac module, and it would be pretty great

If you wanted some separate components, the smsl sp200 is a pretty compact thx amp you could pair with a smsl su-8 v2 or another dac


Haha, oh absolutely - but it’s fun to window shop and think of the end game options.

Thanks for the ideas! I always neglect to think of schiit.

I wouldn’t recommend some of the other schiit amps, but the new asgard 3 doesn’t have the slight compression anymore, and its pretty good for the price.

Something that you also might be interested in would be the Klipsch Heritage Headphone Amplifier is pretty compact and would fit the bill as well

I’ve been looking at the Heritage ever since I saw the review! Damn sexy too.

Any thoughts on the xDuoo TA-10? I’ve never used tubes, but I was wondering how it would be using some on a desk.

It would be pretty good if you are looking to get into a hybrid set, only potential problem is that it doesn’t have a pre out

Ugh, there’s never a perfect machine… I guess the stack is going to be inevitable eventually.