Upgrading from TRN v80 and I need some advice


First time posting, don’t eat me alive.
So im about to buy new iem’s and i need some help.
I mainly listen to J-Pop(Female vocal, guitar, piano) and variety of game/movie soundtracks,
Rarely but still Electronic/EDM, rock, j-rock, k-pop.
Right now with v80’s im lacking in female vocal department but instruments are fine,
Biggest issue is sibilance right now, i rly like detail and i don’t want to lose that while loosing sibilance.
I use these in transit to work mostly.

Was considering couple of options:
v90 - safe bet but i feel like spending more
CCA CA16 - good price point, but from what i understand build quality isn’t that great
Legacy 3 - I don’t like design(and I don’t want to pay more just for faceplate) but im still considering these
I was also considering FH3’s but it feels like its not my flavor as its bass heavy,
sooo I think I want SeeAudio Yume BUT in most reviews they mention “source picky/dependent”
and I’m still beginner in these territories so im not sure what to think,
I’m running my IEM’s from Oneplus 6 (will switch that to Fold 3 after release).

Now… will I have issues to the point that i shouldn’t buy Yume’s?
I don’t rly want to buy any additional gear(more than IEM’s) unless its not that expensive(1100usd = salary)

Sorry for broken English,

Thanks for your time o/

The FH3s aren’t bassy, IMO, in terms of quantity. Blon 03s certainly have more, for example, and many other Chifi IEMs. They’ve got a focus in sub-bass, like a subwoofer is set to low in a stereo setup. But otherwise the highlight for the bass is the quality and speed more than quantity. I’d say they’re more neutral with a slight sub-bass focus for tracks that have sub-bass, and then slightly softened highs–but this removes any chance of sibilance. One thing to note is that they isolate VERY well, so I wouldn’t use them if you need to listen out for ambient noise when commuting.

tbh, I believe you need a touch of sibilance to let vocals shine. Just gotta watch the volume. Although a little treble roll off at the high end can reduce sibilance in cymbals rather than vocals.

My Legacy 3 are in the mail, atm. I got a warehouse pair in the blue-sparkle color from Amazon so faceplate stuff wasn’t an issue.

What I’ve seen from the Yume is that they don’t sound like they graph and lack detail in their price range. Maybe if the price was lower people would be interested in them.

There’s also the Ikko OH1s to consider. Not the OH10s, the OH1s as there’s less bass (and less weight) with the same vocal presence. But I dunno if they’d be sibilant to you, but they do have slightly rolled off high-treble compared to the OH10s.