Upgrading from TYGR 300R Recommendations?

I’m an audio noob and my beloved TYGR 300R is kinda going out from a failed mod or something. Anyway, I love the TYGR and its full-bodied sound (lots of bass presence?) so I’m basically looking for an upgrade of that and can spend up to $400. My use case is mostly movies and singleplayer games, no competitive games.

It must be open back with a detachable cable, and I’m also not looking to EQ as I want to use this for several sources not just on my PC.

Would a DT1990 be good? I found one used for $300 locally and apparently they are also slightly v-shaped like the TYGRs?

You could definitely try out the DT 1990. The TYGR 300R are based off the DT 990, and the 1990 is supposed to be an upgraded version of that. I’ve seen plenty of people use them for gaming and general use so I doubt it’d be a bad option. You could also check out the DT 900 Pro X. They’re an improvement on the 990s. It’s currently $250 on Amazon.

From what I’ve heard you are probably better suited with a HarmonicDyne Zeus. It should have a similar body in the bass with a bit more low end. The 1990 seems a bit leaner and that treble peak is a tough sell.

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