Upgrading living room audio

Looking to upgrade my living room setup from just the built in speakers on my TCL 65" 6 series. Due to how my living room is setup I don’t have room for rear speakers so I’ll be limited to a 3.1 setup at the

I have an old Yamaha receiver from my parents from when they upgraded their home theater. I was planning on either using the Optical out port from my TV to the receiver, or use ARC.

For speakers, I am trying to decide between the Edifier P17 or the Klipsch R-41M to start off with.

Does anyone have experience with either of these speakers?

And a question about ARC. Since the receiver is old it won’t do anything beyond 1080p. If I plug an HDMI cable from the TV to the receiver, then use one of the other inputs on my TV so I can still use 4K devices or use an app on the TV itself, will I still get the benefit of the speakers plugged into the receiver?

No experience with those. I started with the Sony Core series (can get them on sale pretty often if patient). Bookshelves were good but the center was meh. Better than TV or Soundbar. But I could hear a massive change going up to a decent center.

Now my front stage is SVS Prime Center and Bookshelves.

What’s you budget?

And yes, ARC should work the way you describe. It just won’t do higher end formats like ATMOS with the vintage you have. Not like that’s an issue with a 3.1. Just make sure you connect the receiver ARC port to the TV ARC port. It doesn’t work with just any HDMI port.

Going in stages. Was thinking around $100 to begin with for the first bookshelves, and then in a few months maybe $200-400 for either a center channel or a sub, and then same price point again after a few months after that to get the missing piece for a 3.1 setup.

Ideally, just looking for bookshelf speakers that would easily fit as rear speakers when I can eventually move into a place that would allow for a 5.1 or ATMOS setup but still work as Left/Right channels in a 3.1 in the meantime.