Upgrading what i got

Hello every one!
My setup for now is Syba Sonic, Audio-Technica ATH-MX40, ModMic and since i bought Syba just for sake of mic output, now i would like to improve it and buy something that would suit me.

I love to play games (RPG, FPS, MMO mostly) and listening to all kind of different music on my pc with most natural sound as i can get and i was looking for something that would be perfect for it.
My budget would be around 200 pounds for dac + amp (with one of them having mic output) and 150 for headphones, but to be honest for now i would try mx40 with only dac and amp just to see how much of improvement would that be.

What would you recommend?

Personally I would say to grab a few things, one being a Scarlett solo mic interface, an antlion xlr adapter for the modmic, and then an amp like the schiit magni 3+, that would give you a great headphone amp, a higher quality mic interface with more room for mic upgrades in the future, and also a nice dac. You would also need 1/4 inch to rca cables which are easy to find.

There is also something like the schiit hel, but personally I prefer the setup above since it’s more flexible and gives you higher quality sound imo


Thank you for fast answer! So the interface would be like DAC too then?
About headphones, if i would consider to buy new pair of cans eventually what would you recommend?

Correct, it would act as your dac as well

Well, what are the main genre you listen to and some common games you play? Also open or closed?

most of the games i’m playing are RPG (dark souls, the witcher), FPS (call of duty, battlefield), MMOs (wow, gw2) and if it comes to music most of my playlist is rock, rap, indie rock and classic music.
Closed since i’m living with roomates.

Do you mean dual cables or one singe?

Magni 3 is out of stuck at uk site, do you know any other amp it would be good?

Another amp might be the jds atom or monolith liquid spark

Dual for one for left and another for right

In that price range, perhaps a dt770 250 ohm? It’s a bit v shaped but would work well for the games you play, and a decent amount of music you listen to I would assume