UR40 shows Koss's Potential

I just got these headphones. Koss UR40’s are open back over ear. They sell for 40$ off the Koss site i got them for 25$ on Amazon. And they sound good, too good. its a little depressing to take these off and put on my Elex lol. I mean the Elex is much better headphone but i expect a bigger jump in sound quality than i get.

The UR40 is built very cheaply, like Zeos said it feels like a toy headphone for kids.They are over ears but just barely. The thing is i know the KPH30i is better, but having a koss driver in a open back over ear sounds really good, making them sound better than the KPH30i sometimes.

It really makes me want to transfer the KPH30i driver into the UR40’s. or better yet have Koss make a good over ear open back headphone. They could do it. and it would be great. Imagine what koss could do with their beryllium driver in a more serious headphone build? and the price they could sell it for? It could be fantastic! and just corner the market for cheap great headphones. such a shame. such a great loss of potential. CMON KOSS STEP UP!

They do have a new headphone on their site the GMR-545-AIR. its open back over ear but for gaming. there have been great gaming headphones for music. But not exactly what i was wanting…


honestly I wish koss would just take their driver tech and just up their build quality and add removable cables. I would pay extra for that shit.