Urgently Need Wireless IEMs

I urgently need suggestions for a reasonable wireless IEM with great battery life and sub £100.
The reason in now music at work via a speaker and it is driving me mad.
I can only use one so need so see if I can use mono on my android phone.
Cheers All

I dunno where you are, but the Bose SoundSport Wireless are about $130 CAD, so should be in your price range if you’re in the US.

Bose gets a lot of bashing in the audio community, but these are actually a good IEM!

I will take a look at them.

Looking for something without a wire so the Bose are out.

it’s only a wire between the pieces. still worth considering it. but ultimately your choice. :slight_smile:

why can’t they have a wire between eachother… is there a reason you want true wireless

having the wire between them makes it next to impossible to lose an ear piece by accident!

Because I need one ear to hear what is going on around me in a production/warehouse environment. Hence I will be looking for away to send a mono signal from my phone.

hmm… i dont think we have any idea what to do there… turning stereo into mono would be hard enough and unless you dont wnat the wire because you dont like it dangling thats gonna be difficult… i am pretty sure zeos gave something about using just standard IEMs with a FiiO bluetooth dongle

Basically I want a poor man’s Airpod Pro that isn’t an Apple product.
I will sort the mono issue some how via software.
And no I don’t want a wire flapping about.

The galaxy buds (not the galaxy buds+, haven’t tried that yet) get my vote again. You can leave one side in for listening.

Been using them the past year, for a truly wireless pair, the sound is pretty decent.

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Thanks for that suggestion :+1:

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Maybe Cambridge Audio’s?..

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I also enjoy my Galaxy Buds v1. Hugely convenient and they sound pretty good too.

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Probably something to keep an eye one. I’d like to think KZ learned from their last few TWS offerings. The E10’s sounded great, but had major connectivity issues. The form factor of the S1 looked ideal, but I never picked up a pair because of the connection problems of the E10.