Ursine replacements?

Newer custom cable manufacturer here in the US using a similar system to Ursine, but with ready made cables. Please leave any critique you may have about the product or the video.


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I believe the guy behind those Hart cables actually posts here under the name @brux.


I’ve got a custom 3.5mm TRRS to MMCX being shipped to the UK from Heart Audio for my P1’s :+1:


Thanks for taking an in depth look at them! So for clarity I sent @BluJay614 preproduction cables a couple weeks before we launched in September. Taking his and some other last minute feedback into account we arrived at the current designs you see on the site. I’ll try to briefly list the differences between the cables in the vid and what’s out now:

  1. Some improvements to the finishing of the standard mini-XLRs we’re using (“Hart Audio Cables” on the outside, heat shrink etc.).

  2. Instead of the red heat shrink stripe left / right indicator on the 2.5mm and 3.5mm dual cable designs, we opted for just lasering on “L/R”. I was just never really happy with how the heat shrink looked. Same goes for dual 4-pin designs as well. The dual 3.5mm and dual 4-pin designs aren’t on the site yet, hopefully before the end of the year.

  3. Improved the heat shrink Y-Split and we offer a hardware split on all of the dual cable designs.

Hope that helps. Thank you guys for the feedback we’ve gotten so far. It’s been lots of fun. Really, big time thanks.

Anyway, feel free to message me if you have any questions.


could you produce a (standard) male 4PIN XLR to 2x 3PIN XLR male adapter?

can´t find any third party adapters like this

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@brux This would be a question for you.

Yeah I can do that! Just shoot me an email at [email protected] with what you’re thinking in terms of length, color, etc. and we’ll get the ball rolling from there.

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I just sent you an email, I have some ideas tossing about as well…

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Just realized I absent-mindedly typed the wrong email in my original comment. (It was a late night last night) Here’s the correct one: [email protected]

Excited to see what you’re thinking!

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Got it, I already re-sent it to that address.

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Just sent you some numbers! Sorry i was still putting it all together :+1:t4:

I do enjoy these cables. More convenience and comfort factor for me. But if they look good and feel good, they sound good.

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Yeah, Zeos does much better overviews then I do.