Usb audio player pro

Dear all,
I just bought a Meridian Explorer 2 DAC and I downloaded USB audio player PRO

I have an Android Samsung Note 8 smartphone and I would like to be sure to set the audio player app in the right and best way.

Do you have any advice?

How can I be sure that the conversion is made by The external DAC without any passage through The Phone DAC?

I actually have set in the Audio USB Windows the bit perfect ON.

I am waiting to receive the external USB DAC tomorrow and I would be sure to have set everything in the right way to maximize the result.

I have a Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 over ear headphone with 18 ohms impedence.


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USB audio player pro is great!

One thing to check in settings is that bit perfect is “on” not “when possible”. That way it’ll alert you if it can’t play bit perfect.

When you are playing music you can see the data rate on the screen, and should indicate format in and format out.

In general I use default settings, turn on bit perfect, and enable use with Bluetooth (minimizes resampling for Bluetooth playback.). Other settings I don’t change much.



Another question: I tested it with Spotify on the smartphone but the volume is quite low even pumping it up to the max on the smartphone: is there something that I’m missing?

Actually it is almost useless with Spotify.

Working perfectly with Tidal Hi-fi plus and MQA files.