USB-C 2-pin IEM cables - Whizzer HE03 review and help requested!

I was tired of living the dongle life so I spent $10 on a set of 2-pin IEM cables. I bought the Whizzer HE03 cable (with a mic) from AliExpress. It came yesterday and I’ve connected them to a few of my favorite IEMs. Here is a closeup with the Shozy Form 1.1:

The cable is quite nicely made. The copper wire isn’t braided, just twisted and coated in a soft clear sheath. All of the connections seems tight and the 2-pin terminations seem solid. Unfortunately, the sound quality isn’t as nice as the build quality. There is a noticeable hiss coming out of my IEMs which stays constant at all volumes. I suspect it has to do with whatever DAC is used in the usb-c portion of the cable. The signal from my dongles, even my cheapo Samsung dongle, is much cleaner albeit at a lower gain.

That being said, does anyone here have experience with a good usb-c 2-pin cable? I’m desperate to quit the dongle life but there aren’t many options out there that I could find for IEM cables that terminate in a usb-c connection. Thanks!

404: DAC not found

Lol, or maybe 404: Decent DAC not found.

So, you hate dongles?

What I have for dongle haters (I own one) for around 40 bucks: