USB Driver issues for Topping DX7s

Just recently got my first DAC in the DX7s and I’m trying to get the USB input to be recognized by my laptop.

When I first hooked it up, the DX7s and my laptop recognized each other and I was able to play music right out of Foobar to it and it sounded great. I then set the settings to 98k and logging off the computer for about an hour, I haven’t been able to get my PC to recognize the device again.
I’m running Windows 10 and I’ve tried installing the most recent update multiple times.

Restarted the PC 3 times at least and have shut the DX7s off manually 3 times as well, while also constantly removing the usb cord from the PC and the rear inputs of the DX7s.
I’ve been dealing with this for over 4 hours now and I have no clue to what to do to get this thing working right again.
Any help any of you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

A different problem, but the solution from this thread FiiO E10K Olympus 2 and windows 10 might work by unplugging it and deleting the device in device mangaer. Windows should re-discover the DX7 when you plug it back in and hopefully goes back to default settings and it starts working again…

Warning : Only go into the device manager if you feel sure of what you are doing though, as deleting the wrong devices could lead to more trouble than “no sound” …


Thanks. So I didn’t get a chance to give this a try before work today but when I logged on 20 minutes ago, it was recognizing it just fine. Gonna keep your advice for the next time.

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