USB headset recommendations needed

I’ve started a new job at a call center that’s actually green lighting people using their own peripherals. The catch? No drivers, and the headset has to be USB, as they’ve had issues with 3.5mm headsets meshing with the call software.
I’m considering the Beyerdynamic MMX 150 but would appreciate if someone has a better option.
I’ll probably go Rival 3 and Keychron C2, but the headset is the one I’m concerned with.

could try the koss headsets Communication Headsets - Koss Stereophones

Might consider wireless headsets/headphones also IF the call software has options to use any audio device (some might be dic%#ish) and some might not be able to use all audio options available.
Since some Headphones have a USB-dongle → computer. Computer goes “hey new audio device” and just connect or select that from call software.

The wire option of course is solid until you run over the cable or bend it too much or many times.
Wireless has battery that needs to charged but the movement freedom it gives is nice. Good ones have nice audio possibilities and sound nice.

So the wireless option is off the table. Had that confirmed today that it’s a no go. Must be wired. Also confirmed that haven’t tried external adapters rather then just plugging straight into the tower. Standard issue is Jabra Evolve 30 II.

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