USB over S/PDIF or a 6ft optical USB cable would probably tech we should invest in

So I recently bought a Vadar, and since it’s a power amp, all the GPU noise from my PC comes through the speakers whenever it makes coil whine which is very annoying. so i happened to have another S/PDIF around the house so i tried to run that to my Element III DAC and well no more Coil Whine through the speakers. so what I’m wondering is Is there a market for a specialized USB over S/PDIF or shorter ground isolated USB cable since going optical solved my problem?
And if there is how we invest and get it to market?


edit: invest in ifi or audioquest. im sure others have them as well.

I mean yes, I’ve been looking into those, but I don’t want to change the sound of the audio, which those tend to do. So an optical solution is probably for the better, since it eliminates the ground loop by default.

i basically just want an USB over s/pdif cable or a 6ft corning optical cable.

I had USB noise issues (constant background noise and much louder noise when moving a mouse) IFI USB filters helped but didn’t get rid of it Topping one completely fixed it for me
sound card SPDIF out and Douk U2 pro (USB to SPDIF) also work

That’s what those ddc’s are for, I myself have only the Doku u2 and it’s good to isolate my GPU from my DAC not sure I would investment in one for 500-700 bucks but I think that’s more for guys with Kilobuck hardware ^^