Usb to aux adapter

anyone know if this adapter will work with a BRT5? got a friend with a very specifc headphone choice (aestetics) which connects only via USB. She wants to make it bluetooth - I thought BTR5 but it doesnt have USB in.

Those adapters are mainly for car stereo use when they have USB functionality “hidden” in the 3.5mm jack.

I am 50% sure such a product exists somewhere in the depths of chinese random products.
Even DIYing something like this has a big collection of IFs

me too. not worth my time to research though. turns out she has an older headset she likes that is 3.5mm jack. so forget the adapter. get btr5. end of story.

BTR5 has type c usb in

hmmmmmmm does it really now?? i didnt think that would take a usb a-c cable…any experience or anecdotes in this regard? btw. M0N - since i have you here and i respect your opinion - how do YOU feel about the BTR5?

If you are connecting it to a phone, you just need a type c to type c otg cable (or whatever connector your phone uses)

For a pc, you would use a type a to type c

Both work just fine for me

Solid for the price and convenience it offers, single ended is mediocre but the balanced out is pretty nice for more budget iems if you get a good balanced cable. I personally wouldn’t rec it for full size headphones, but for iems it can be pretty solid for the price

hmmmmmmm ive been long thinking of the BTR5 as my next purchase as a lateral from what ive got (specifically for its portability) [in case you dont remember im running HD58x with smsl m100 DAC and JDS labs Atom amp - i LOVE the sound – its phenomenal] is there a better option for portability?

I think if you wanted to go portable, if you wanted a cleaner sound with lots of power on tap, the xduoo xd 05 is pretty sweet imo, but no bluetooth and a bit more bulky. No need to recable to balanced either

hmmmm. keep in mind my reason for portability is mostly my lack of headphone jack on my pixel 2 (still rockin it. still love it.) how does that change my options?

I mean you could get a dongle dac and be on your way and it will most likely run the 58x fine, but most of the powerful dongle dacs end up being balanced in the 100 dollar range so you would want to get a balanced cable

is that a better option than the btr5? looking forward to maybe power a bigger headseat later? (the dongle that came with my pixel 2 powers my 58x. thats not what im worried about. i want to (hopefully) upgrade my headphones long before i need new interfaces)

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I would say if you plan to go with harder to drive things, then going for a more full size amp dac would be beneficial imo

such as? i love specifics, one of my hobbies is researching things to death. Audio has been by FAR my most difficult challenge so far. i love it and plan to continue.

The aforementioned xd05, fiio q5s, ifi nano black label, ifi xdsd, etc

thanks M0N as usual. ill look into those. tonight though…well lets just say i need sleep… last night I spent hours on rolling around music…i CAN do that tonight but itll sure f___ with my sleep for work on monday…soooooooo… lets get some sleep