USB Type-C OTG cable

I have an USB C OTG smartphone, and I’ve been looking at the fiio M3 Pro for a while. I would like to connect the M3 Pro to my phone since the M3 Pro can act as a USB DAC, so do I need a special OTG cable for USB C to USB C or just normal USB C to USB C ones? Thanks!

I’m pretty sure if it’s type c to type c you only need a regular short type c cable

I was researching this quite a bit a few weeks ago. From what I found, the pinout on one end of an OTG cable is effectively different than a standard USB cable. In USB-speak this is what makes your phone appear as a “host” to something like a DAC or thumb drive instead of the phone’s usual “device” role for situations like when the phone is connected to a computer.

Yes, this is needed for micro b for sure, but for type c devices I don’t think an otg cable is needed anymore (because I think that it now depends on the phone to support an otg mode rather than a special cable if you are going from c to c). That being said there are some cables that will prevent some phones from providing power to connected devices that can be helpful in preventing unneeded phone battery drain because it’s trying to charge the connected device.

I use this cable for USB Dac with my Fiio BTR5. Two other cables that I bought before did not work.But I’m not sure if the other’s were only made for charge and not used for data transfer.

Thanks for your replies! So I’m looking for a USB c to USB c cable that can transfer data and not charge the slave device. Something like that?

Depending of the actual Mobile device (maybe other device as well) and it’s setting.
Some phones does pop-up settings in connection “what you want to do with the connected device”.
What is the connection’s function “only data, photos, charge etc”. So if it’s possible just select not charge.
Good cables should be universal and meet needed standards for all functions (easier to find).

Would this work for iPhones lightning port as well?

I Phones need oftly the Camera Adapter to work with USB Dac. I don’t know exactly what the M3 Pro is like, but I wouldn’t rely on anything else to work.

The OTG works and I can use the fiio m3 pro as a DAC to my Huawei nova 5t. The problem is the reverse charging. In DAC mode, my phone recognizes it as a pair of headphones, so no USB connection prompt comes up. Any solutions to stop the phone from reverse charging? Much appreciated.

This might be worth to try “developer options and select always prompt when connecting usb and reboot”

Apple’s Lightning ports can use regular 12-watt charging with a USB-A cable and faster charging via USB-C . Micro-USB and Mini-USB can provide only regular charging regardless of a USB-A or USB-C connection