Used FH5 vs. new chi-fi hybrid (?)below 150$

Hello everyone,
I have been reading all around this forum for quite some time and gathered a lot of information that helped me understand I really need yet another pair of earphones…
Right now I am using Pinnacle P2 and WF-1000xm3 and AKG K371 depending on situation, but I realized I would like to give a try to something new.
Tripowin Mele was my choice for fun cheap IEM to replace plain DD system (waiting for the delivery still), so for second option I wanted to try something different. Be it full BA or preferably hybrid DD+BA.

My setup consists of Shanling Q1 for portable and ifi hip-dac for desktop, so nothing really spectacular in terms of power and sound signature.

Current P2 is quite ok in general, but sometimes it is harsh and sibilant, which makes me nervous after some time and this is why I want some change.

I have offer on the table for FH5 in almost perfect shape for 100 USD, but I wonder if it is worth giving it a shot since it is quite old construction (and IEMs seem to progress really fast) or choose something brand new from the market (preferably Europe or worst case hifigo). As Tripowin would cover most of the fun stuff on the go I want the second pair should be mostly for some more critical listening (but nothing audiophilliac, I have small daughter :slight_smile: ).

My budget is up to 150 USD.
Music taste - I listen to basically everything apart from EDM, classical and metal. No particular emphasis on bass needed.
I love acoustic Bon Iver, Radiohead, The Roots, Kendrick Lamar, Miles Davis, Norah Jones
Generally I realize I like listening to soundscapes of music and I love when I am able to hear all those little details so resolution and separation is probably a factor to take into account in deciding. For example: I love when those warm bass guitar rolls in Life is Better with Q-Tip does not get hidden under the surface of vocals Q-Tip - Life Is Better (Feat. Norah Jones) - YouTube
Or all those cymbal sounds being pronounced throughout Bon Iver Holocene Bon Iver - Holocene (Official Music Video) - YouTube

Potential options:
Tinhifi P1
Tri I3 (a little bit of a stretch money wise)
Audiosense DT200
Legacy 3
FH 3

Anu other options to consider or just to pull a trigger on Fiios?


What music do you listen to?

I listen to basically everything apart from EDM, techno, d’n’b etc., classical pieces (though some OSTs may end up on my list) and heavy+ metal.

Generally: classical rock, contemporary rap, jazz, jazz rock fusion, singers/songwriters, indie/alt rock, folk, indietronica, dream pop, pop, blues.

Examples Bon Iver, Radiohead, The Roots, Kendrick Lamar, Miles Davis, Norah Jones, Fiona Apple, Hot Chip, The Notwist, Fishmans, Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd :slight_smile:


10 char

Would that still be true considering that there is basically no difference in price between FH3 and FH5 for me at the moment?


I think @Rikudou_Goku might be able to help with a very good opinion on this. He has vast experience in sets around $150usd.

You might wanna consider a single DD for your tastes with good vocals. On top of my head Mele/Hana 2021 come to mind, since O2 is out of your budget.

@Rikudou_Goku can comment better on this price range, but you might need some power for Tri I3 pro. One of his most recced on that bracket is also gd3a, might worth checking.

I personally would avoid fiio if you like those sweet vocals. And out of any fiio i’d pick fd3 on that range before fh3 for sure (unless you do prog metal but you can get dq6 for that)


First of all thank you a lot!
I bought Mele, but receive that only in month time I believe, so would like to skip Single DD for second pair.
I know it is stupid thinking, but I would like to try something different than Dynamic driver since I never tried that before (even if that would not fit perfectly my taste theoretically iny price range). Be it planar, balanced armature or hybrid, but I need to have comparison to know whether there is something more to like :slight_smile:

For I3 pro - I guess hip dac would handle that easily (on SE even), but I would like to have option for mmy DAP oto handle that as well (80mW in 3.5mm). Those GD3A seems great though, never heard of them!

It’s not, you thinking clearly. I’d try and Hibrid most likely.

Sorry I missed the HIP-dac part of the post, my bad. You gucci for that one tho, not sure about ur DAP.

Riku can hook you up better than I can on this price range, so you better wait for him.

If you had 300$, that would be a different story...

Mangird Tea :rofl:

Ah yes, the cult is still recruiting and I know what you are talking about with that price point lol

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You just have to click on it :rofl:

Cult has moved into 600$ tho >_>

EJ07m. Then leave this hobby.

I could not join the tea cult, as in 300$ range I already have a chosen model - Blessing 2/B2D. Too much hype to resist on getting those (even though I know they are not hifiguide’s favourites).
On top of that if I would go crazy and try to buy those I would most likely get another 200 and get some tribrid like variations or oracles…

What a crazy hobby that is, really

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I pulled a trigger on new KZ reviewed by BGGAR, do that would hopefully feed the hunger for hybrid for some time :slight_smile:

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Damn me, I am just about to pull the trigger on second hand Mangird Teas for 270 USD from Europe…


You rang?

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