Used speakers for sale

Where is the best place to find used stuff for Sale. Other than the obvious ebay

Along with more local sites

avexchange and avs classifieds and head fi classifieds are good as well

Anything to keep an eye out for, or just the usual crap?

Yeah pretty much, if it’s pretty high end though, you should be a little more careful. If you find something local, always see if you can ask to audition. Also ask about the life of the speaker and if it’s ever been reconed, repaired, or had any issues. Also make sure to have reference pictures on your phone to compare and see if everything matches up. Really stuff you should do anyway

Perhaps if it’s a higher value item ask where they bought it from and if they have proof for receipt

Also if you are very picky bring some test tracks to play and make sure channel matching and distortion at high volume tests along with other stuff

Another thing is that be somewhat weary if the seller doesn’t let you audition (if it’s not outlandish to ask them to set it up)