Using 2.5mm balanced to RCA

Is it good to use fiio btr5 > 2.5mm Balanced > RCA > Schiit Freya > RCA > Heathkit AA-1640, or should I use
btr5 > 2.5mm Balanced > XLR > Freya > RCA > 1640?
Just wondering if I can use ballanced headphone out to RCA, due to it having more voltage. Since I have to turn Freya to its max to get playable volumes in most songs. I would like to have RCA, due to being able to use RCA elsewhere. But if the best way is XLR, and get RCA later, I would get that. OR… RCA is terrible for balanced headphone out.

I mean, the xlr would most likely solve your problems but using the btr5 isn’t ideal in the first place, you would really want something with a line out like a dac with Bluetooth or something (if you are using wireless)