Using AV receivers Bi-Amping feature

I’m just wondering if anyone else has tried to use their AV receiver Bi-Amping function before. I have the Klipsch THX Ultra 2 home theater system and currently I have it set up in the 3.2 configuration (because running surrounds in an apartment is annoying and wires nailed to the walls has a very low WAF). Today I was bored and decided to try out my Pioneer Elite VSX-84TXSi Bi-Amping feature that turns the surround back channels in to Bi-Amped front stereo channels, and I have to say I noticed an improvement, maybe it’s a placebo effect but the highs sounded more clear to me, and I defiantly didn’t have to turn the volume nob as much before it got to inappropriate zeos sub testing in an apartment levels of loud (I really miss having a house). let me know if you think i’m crazy or if you have experienced the same.

Well bi-amping can give you more power at your disposal, so I’m not surprised. It also might bypass the speakers internal crossover if it was designed that way when bi-wired