Using Studio subs for general listening and movie watching

I wanted to pair a sub to my current 2 channel (vannato t0), but my room is very small (about 12m^2) and I priorities clean and informative low reqencies over the standard wub wub you get with big home theater subs. For this I am mostly focused on studio subs as they dont tend to elevate frequencies that to achive a more “boomy” sound. However, I worry that for films they will not give the desired chest thump and rumble because studio subs might not be deisnged to achive the pressure levels demanded. That coupled with the flat respones might mean films only sound deep, not feel. I live in berlin, so naturally I was thinking of getting a adam 7 or 8. But if anyone has experiance with subs that were only deisgned for mixing and mastering in a movie setting, I would appreciate any advice on if they are an appropriate option. Also, sorry for my english.

You can still achieve lots of impact from studio subs, but you are correct that they prioritize a more accurate response compared to a bit more bloated and boomy response as home theater subs have

The adams would be pretty solid for their price, what price range are you going to be working with?

New, like €500.But I always buy used. I can usally get a 7 for €200-€250. I dont know if I want to get a bigger one than that as I feel that the room gain will cause too many issues. Freqencies below 50hz are usally very difficult and expensive to resolve, but ive heard people put pb3000’s under their desk so maybe thats less of an issue (being evicted would be more of an issue at that point I think)? You believe that the “movie house sound” of exaggerating parts of the playback wont be ruined by the more linear nature of the adam sub? I guess an example would be an explosion, you want it to overpower the mix to feel more of the impact. A home theater sub will do that because it has a elevation around those requncies. In other words, it is able to react to the sudden change in pressure level more violently, even if it was not mixed that way. I worry that the adam sub will just simply be too linear to be convincing. Is that not true in your book, or do you think I’m simply asking to much out of something that was never designed to used in that way?

I could see that becoming an issue, but I think you could go with the 8 and not have issues if you set levels and place it correctly

lol yeah I bet neighbors would love that

No, it’s easily something you can get used to imo, personally I don’t watch too many movies, but I will say that I will easily prefer a more linear and accurate sub most of the time, unless my goal is spl and impact at all costs

Generally yes

I don’t know if I would say that, most studio oriented subs will be able to react more quickly and accurately than most common home theater subs imo. The home theater subs are just typically sacrificing fidelity for spl and impact, something that the home theater user tends to value more, but for those interested in quality of sound generally a more linear response and accurate representation is more enjoyable imo. As you mention a common home theater sub will try and add extra low end and overemphasize what’s already there, which can be enjoyable. Something to consider is also if you are comparing ported vs sealed subwoofers as well (along with more unique designs). Going back to placement, you could place your sub in the corner and adjust what’s around the port to give it more impact and a more colored response, also how you decide to isolate it from the floor or whatnot can change things to a less studio oriented response.

I mean I would think it would make it more convincing lol, I think you would mean too linear to be really fun. If you are going for the something more spl and impact then the studio subs aren’t going to be what you are after (unless you can spend a ton on some really higher end studio subs)

For my main stereo setup I use a pair of rythmik f25 subs (2 15 inch per side), and I think they strike an excellent balance of something neutral, linear, and very accurate while having very good impact and emotion, I think if you were looking for something linear and accurate but not as potentially lean sounding as the adam, you could consider like a svs sb1000 or a rel t/5i, perhaps a rythmik l12 if you could find one (not likely)

For actual studio work, I don’t even use a sub and just let my monitors handle it (although they are very beefy lol), but I have had some nice studio subs in and while helpful, for the work I do rather unneeded

Yea unfortunatly there’s not much choice here, svs subs are priced jacked even on the used market (you would be lucky to get a pb1000 for under €600). Nubert is another popular premium brand here that makes prosumer spaakers that can be used better for normal listening. There subs are pretty pricy but are way better built and deigned than your average polk or klipch sub (made in Deutschland too). Rel is definetly a good choice, but ill have to pick my moment as they are usally very expenive even used. Thanks for all the very comprehensive and quickly produced advice.

Yeah if those end up being too pricey, I don’t think you would be doing yourself a disservice by going with the Adam imo

I don’t have too much experience with Nubert, so I can’t comment there

Genelec’s sub’s works perfectly, depending of course what model you pick. Made for studios and Mastering Studios and movie soundtracks work and you name it. Some even at home cinema use.
Only downside… they also bit pricey.
Also high SPL is possible with the perfect accuracy… just need to go bit bigger or add more.
Only downside … they somehow bit more pricey.

Typically the limiting factor lol, but really though I would have no concerns about a higher end studio sub, but the cheaper ones might not be satisfactory

Yes, most are designed to handle extremely high SPL while remaining accurate and controlled, the best subs I have heard at high volume have been studio subs (although not genelec but genelec would absolutely be up there)

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True. Both adams and nuburts 7" subs have an spl of almost 120, which is incredable for something that is smaller than quite a few desk speakers. I think alot of manufactures hide thier spl numbers in favour of just touting thier minumum frequency threshold even if its at like 60 spl. I think carton does this (another german spearker brand) as their subs have a much lower frequncy rating than a equivilent nubert sub, but the nuberts seem to always dig deeper than them. I would love to hear a generlac, but they’re near the top of the ‘food chain’ of studio brands, so you pay for it. Dearly.