Value (Price-Performance) of Powered vs Passive Speakers?

I kind of feel bad asking this here, but it’s been surprisingly hard to google for me.

Anyways, I’m wondering, since powered speakers have their amps built-in, what kind of price ranges align between passive and powered speakers? Would a $200 passive speaker compete with a $400 powered speaker?

My inclination would be to believe that a $200 amp and a $200 passive speaker would be roughly equal to a $400 powered speaker, but I feel like that’s probably not accurate, my guess is the powered speakers would actually sound better at those price points. But then I would guess that around the $1000 price point maybe passive speakers start to sound better given the right amp.

Any insight into this? My hypothetical example would be: does a pair of ADAM T5Vs compare to a pair of Jamo S803s given the right amp?