Vanatoo T0 or alternative?

Hi guys,

I’ve recently been enlightened to the world of speakers by salvaging some of my dad’s old speakers for the TV. I am now considering getting a pair for the desk / PC.

I am considering the Vanatoo’s at $350 for it’s size - sound - features. Just wondering before I pull the trigger on these whether there has been any alternatives (at around $350) that came into the market from the time these speakers were released (since the reviews I see are at least a year old)?

Not really without taking a step up in price. There are other powered speakers at this price that are pretty good, but the t0 has more features and options.

The Edifier S2000pro might be a contender

Hey M0N, I see you’re making your rounds. I’ll take a look at the edifiers.

Would you say there are other powered speakers at that price range will less features but sound better? What would they be?

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I don’t know about sound better per se, but different. The Klipsch R-51PM or the sixes come to mind, and something like the JBL 306P MkII could be a different route you could take as well. The Kanto YU6 is also another option

Great, I’ll get on to doing some research on these. Thanks!

The Vanatoo T Zero’s are really good and don’t take up a whole lot of space. I did lots of research before I bought these. Great sound, small size and a ton of connection options.
I used these to replace a 2.1 system. Living in an apartment I can’t have a big old sub thumping away. I add a bit of bass to my Vanatoo’s and all is good. I bought some Yoga blocks so that they are aimed right at my ears.
They ended up costing me about $500.00, landed in Canada. Well worth it.

Shane D

Nice! So they are worth even up to $500 for you.

Yes their small size was appealing to me as well, the passive radiators seem to help with the bass without really requiring a sub at close range. Living in an apartment (like yourself) I’ve come to the conclusion that these are the pair to get & will be ordering one in soon.

These sound even better tonight! I bought a D30 DAC and used one of my amps to make a little chain in the office. It is now computer to D30 to Burson Fun-Classic to Vanatoo Transparent Zeroes. These speakers sound better than ever! I loved them when I first got them but over the months it has felt something was missing. I am sure that this is directly related to me buying headphones and amps non-stop this year, trying to up my game every month, in the living room.:grin:

It took quite a while to get everything installed and working, although I didn’t have to download any drivers. Lots of rebooting and enabling/disabling devices. Also, I had a major brain cramp on cabling, because I did not check everything out going in. However it is all set up now and I am Very happy with the sound. And my wife gets a headphone jack in the office.

A dark pic at night…