Vanatoo T0 still the best for desktop?

Planning to purchase the Vanatoo T0 for my desktop but any other powered speakers under $350 that you guys can recommend? I live in the Philippines so the shiping fee sucks and the Vanatoo is not available to be shipped in my area.

JBL 305, Edifier series, Fluance ai40/60, Rokit KRK 5, Kanto YU4 are some options.

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If you can swing it, the T Zeroes are very nice. I am listening to them as I type this. I really do love my headphones system, but sometimes it is just nice to hear speakers wrapping the music all around you. I put mine up on yoga blocks. Now they are aimed directly at my ears. :grin:

They’re really hard to beat for their size. Im rocking Edifier s3000pros on my desk (lol) which beat them imo, albeit for $800.

I saw 305’s at $200 a piece however are they fun sounding? I dont master or mixed so I dont know if the 305’s will be the best option.

Kanto is also not available here.

Edifiers are available however the shop that handles them doesnt have a unit/units for audition

Dont overlook the fact that they are pretty small, which is important. I balked at the 305s because of the size. My desk is super-small, and I wouldn’t want anything larger. And yes, they sound great. Also, recently we set up a projector outside and watched a movie on a white sheet. I used the T0s as loudspeakers…they do extremely well when loud, louder than I’d ever use at my desk. And great for movies thanks to the impressive bass.

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Amazon declined my payment because I used third party to shipped my item. Now my account is locked ffs

You can also get the Kanto YU instead of the YU4 if you dont need all the input options.

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